Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Growing Fro!

Afro hair 4a, 4c natural hair

"Just thought I would check in and share a couple of pictures of my fro and how she is coming along."

Believe it or not, my hair is actually growing and retaining length but my shrinkage is CRAZY!  So is my shedding, although that may have something to do with the fact that I have been lazier than a lazy thing when it comes to taking my iron tablets....

I am currently thinking about cutting my hair as I am in love with all of the tapered fro's I have been seeing recently - but that said, I am a bit of a chicken and will probably wimp out of chopping off my hair.  I have cut my hair in the past and I remember how awful that awkward stage is when growing out a short style.

Over the past few months I have been protective styling pretty much all the time with either one of the new textured units I've purchased or I have been rocking a headwrap which is a great way to just not have to deal with my hair. 

Afro hair 4a, 4c hair wrap natural hair

Afro hair 4a, 4c head wrap

 Over the past couple of weeks I had been missing that connection with my hair so I decided to wear it out and just rock my natural fro goodness!

Afro hair 4a, 4c natural hair

I'm really pleased with my progress but I still have to tackle my shedding.  Also, my hair still tangles a fair bit but I have found ways of dealing with this namely either using the Naptural85 25 minute cowash method and or blowdrying my hair using the tension method, although that said I don't always follow this method - it really depends on how I feel and how my hair is on the day.  

I am currently loving the Shea Moisture line of products, namely the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line along with the Curl Enhancing Souffle and Curling Gel Souffle which keep my hair ultra hydrated even if definition suffers a few hours later -  I don't care about that so long as my hair feels soft.

Afro hair 4a, 4c natural hair

Over the past couple of days I have been wearing my hair just like this but a little more in it's shruken state as I have been spritzing it with conditioner water to keep it moisturised as wash day is fast approaching - who am I kidding, it came and went but I have been busy with setting up my nail business so I haven't had time to do my hair yet but I am hoping to get time to do it tomorrow.

If I have the time and don't look a hot mess I will finally do a natural hair wash day diary post so you can see the steps I now follow on wash days.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Your hair looks amazing and has great length already. The fro really suits you and love the edgy look... Looking forward to your next post... Oh and looking forward to hearing all about your nail business.. X

  2. @DeOnne Springer

    Thank you DeOnne!! I love having my little fro, I can't believe a couple of years ago that I wouldn't 'go naturual', it's the best thing I have ever done for my hair.

    I have been doing nails (gel polish, normal polish and nail art) for a while now but this year I set up a salon at home and I am working towards doing it full time. You should come and get yours done - check out

    Simply Into My Nails

    to see what I can do hun.

  3. YES YES YES!!!
    I love your fro and your turbans! Can you do a full review on the Curling Gel Souffle and how you use it? I've been eyeing that forever!

    KLP @

  4. Wow! Your hair has grown so fast and your fro is gorgeous! You look beautiful in all the pics!

  5. I love your hair, so beautiful x

  6. You look so friggin gorgeous! And I'm not a huge fan of the headwrap look normally, but you do it oh so well! I love the tapered cut looks too (when done right) but I know I'd never do it either because I can only imagine how hard the grow out phase must be. Plus, I am and have always been about length. LOL!

    1. Thank you so much Ebony!!!

      I'm really feeling my headwraps right now and they are a great alternative to hats now the weather it's getting cooler and wetter. I will definitely be experimenting with wearing winter hats underneath a headwrap as it gets colder.

      As for the tapered fro, I love it but I know a drastic cut is not for me. I get bored very quickly with hairstyles and that in between stage for a slow grower like me would be long and incredibly annoying!

      I have the Toni Daley Big Chop unit which I think is a little too long so I will be taking the scissors to that, instead of my own hair.

  7. The shrinkage is real. I love the Fro!

  8. Oh wow, your fro has progressed really well!

  9. Your fro looks really good on you. I love your turbans too! Can you do a little tutorial on that?

  10. I love your fro and your turbans too! Going natural sure have its perks

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