Monday, 10 October 2011


"I'm now deep into my quest for my full lace wig, I have come across a Chinese vendor,  There are alot of YouTube reviews and most people are happy with their purchases, although some are not.  I plan on doing my first YouTube Review when I get this unit so hopefully however I end up purchasing from won't let me down.  I will also of course be reviewing 'her' right here on Simply Into My HAIR"

For now, I have been on RPG Shows website and had a few laughs with their virtual makeover software.  C'mon ladies pick a new look for me!!

Hehehee - I tell you there were some hum dingers on there that look like a fricken squished cat!

All messing about aside, I think I am going to get the ELS119-s model in a 1b.  Initially I wanted a fringe (bangs) but I think I will get this one first, see if the quality is good then order one with a fringe shortly afterwards.

Ciao 4 Now

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