Friday, 21 October 2011

Wigida Wigida Who...?

"Yes, I am STILL trying to decide which damn wig to buy!"

Since my last post and after Tola's informative comment as to my choice of supplier, I have decided not to go with the Chinese vendor RPG Show.  So with this in mind, the front runners as of today are:


Picture from Ebay seller TopLaceWigs
Straight Lace Front Wig form TopLaceWigs looks really lovely.  I want a wig with a fringe (to cover the lace at the front it I end up applying it wrong!).  I really like this best out of all the others I have seen.  I am not sure about the 'silky straight' texture though so think I would probably opt for yaki texture for this unit although not 100% sure about that either.  It's so difficult to get a feel for the wig without a) seeing it in person or b)trying it on.  I would also probably opt to get this in 16inches and this cost of this would be £135.  I really like this unit and the seller has good reviews and has been really helpful and quick to respond with questions I have asked which is a really good sign.

Image from Ebay seller Verinia

This beautiful 20" Straight Lace Front unit from Ebay seller Verinia.  I fell in love with this wig, although it's a bit longer than I had originally had in mind.  I think the hair and construction of this unit looks great and if I get it, it will be my evening and weekend wig throughout winter.  I especially like the look of the hairline, thickness and fact that although it is silky straight, it doesn't look too shiny in the pictures listed.  This unit is £145 so a good price for the length.  My boyfriend likes this one most.  Just aswell, as he'll be paying!!!

Images from

I really like the look and sound of this Relaxed Kinky Straight wig from Louise Pierre.  I also like the fact that it comes with Afro Baby Hair which should give the illusion of regrowth, making the unit look more natural!  I'm really pleased that she is now stocking this wig in a full lace 1B for a reduced price of £210.  The only problem I have with this stock wig is the length.  As I would wear this at the weekend and for nights out I would prefer this to be 16 or 18 inches long.  If I order this as a custom unit it costs more and I cannot add the afro baby hairs in the ordering options.  I'm not sure about this one just for that reason so I will have to give it some more thought.

I will be making a decision tomorrow as I want to take out these kinky twists and wear the wig until January/February of 2012.

I'll update on here tomorrow what my decision is......FINALLY!  Of course I will provide a full review on the unit itself and the level of service I experience.

Ciao 4 Now

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