Saturday, 22 October 2011

And The Wig Winner Is.....?

This wig is beautiful, long and looks to be a lovely quality.  Also, the sellers positive feedback scores were brilliant.

So, as planned my lovely boyfriend has purchased this one for me and hopefully it will arrive next week so I can take out the kinky twists on Friday evening (and probably all day Saturday too!!!) in time for a night out with the other half - the first since recovering from my operation 9 weeks ago!

I still want the wig with a fringe so I will purchase that one myself.  

Hopefully I will purchase the wig this weekend so I can wear it to work the week after next, if not, I will just wear this one.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Wow I love the second one.. loooks so natural!

  2. Yeah, I love it too!! It was such a hard decision to make - so now I'll probably get both. As per usual (**,)

    I love your blog by the way and bookmarked those two nail blogs that you posted recently. You're right, they do post great pics.

    T (",)


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