Saturday, 22 October 2011

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"I've received my first Tag from Tola at My Long Hair Journey.   So, here are 10 facts about me that you may not already know about lil old me......"

1.  I'm 37 years old!! I still think I am 25 (who am I kidding, sometimes I still feel 16!) and get pretty confused when I look at recent pictures of myself and don’t understand why I don’t ‘look right’ anymore….. I only realised that it was only this week that I realised that I am less than 3 years short of being 40 and that’s probably why I look this way now. I still feel 25 so I suppose that’s what counts.

2.  I can cook. I love food and equally love experimenting in the kitchen. I don’t do fancy TV chef food though. I love nothing more than cooking for those closest to me who I care about. My cooking for my loved ones is my way of showing them how much I care. I think I am chanelling my inner housewife!

At the moment I am really into roasting chicken which is something I had never done until a year ago – it took me that long to get over having to clean the chicken first – I hate touching raw meat!

3.  I really don’t know how to apply makeup properly, especially eyeshadow! I have got by though over the years I almost faked knowing what I’m doing. In fact I have probably only brought 5 foundations in my whole life!

4.  I LOVE MY BED!! I truly love to sleep and would probably sleep all day long if I could.

5.  I’M-ALWAYS-COLD!!! I really feel the cold so much, even the slightest breeze sets me off. I love nothing better than climbing into my bed whilst my electric blanket is on so I suppose this one kinda ties in with number 4…..

6. I can’t cornrow/canerow my own hair!

7.  I have far too many clothes and far too many shoes in my wardrobe! Oh, I also have far too many hair products and now way near enough space for all this stuff.

8. I love cartoons. I’m such a big kid. I can’t watch horror movies anymore especially if people have ‘those eyes’, that’s what I call scary evil eyes with a yellow iris! Now if you throw in a scary demon voice ala ‘The Excorcist’ I really can’t bear to watch it and replay it in my head over and over for days. And as for zombies, don’t even get me started on them. Anything that ‘could be real’ such as ‘those eyes’ and devil/demon possession really put the willies up me!

9.  I’m a real pushover when it comes to my little nephew. He is 2 years old and was due to be born on my birthday but was a week late. I love him to pieces and he is the cutest cutest cutest kid ever! But I am biased I suppose….. I am the proudest auntie.

10.  I don’t care for flowers – I think they stink of p*ss! If someone wants to buy me a gift I’d be more than pleased with shoes thanks! Although that said, when my mum brought me flowers for my 35th birthday I was chuffed to bits and I would have liked some get well soon flowers from my other half when I was in hospital recently, but he brought me a wig instead. Thanks Gorgeous, a wig is much better than flowers!


  1. Would have never guessed you were look the most 25 so you rightfully feel that age.
    You should post some some of your dishes on here. I'm always looking for different meals to try out!

  2. Thanks for commenting Ms D, I may not look or act my age all the time, but I sure feel it first thing in the morning and last thing at night (",)

    I think I will post a few dishes on here. It was my intention to do so when I first started blogging but I've been so into sorting out my hair that I completely forgot!!!


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