Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wash Day Diary 05.10.11

"My HAIR really does have a 2 week wash limit.  My scalp is screaming 'Clean Me!!' so who am I to argue?"

Nothing fancy today as I have the kinky twists back in.

  • Mixed 1 part Dove Daily Care Conditioner with 5 parts warm water and a couple of drops of Roux Porosity Control Shampoo in an applicator bottle.
  • Completely saturated my hair  all over.
  • Next I squeezed three quarters of the bottle full of conditioner onto my roots, massaged lightly and then proceeded to shower.
  • After showering, I massaged my roots for 2-3mins making sure I paid more attention to the top where I had seen some build up beforehand.
  • Next I shampoo'd the ends of the kinky twists as I don't like the way they smell, they smell kinda weird to me.
  • Finally, I rinsed all the conditioner mix from my hair until all residue had gone.

Once I had finished washing my hair I put a towel on for 10 minutes whilst I got dressed.  Next I applied castor oil to my scalp followed by some Shea Goodness Growth Oil and sprayed my hair with my new love my moisturising spritz which is made out of varying amounts of Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier and water - review on this to come...!

My hair is still air drying but it all went well.  I still dislike these twists though!!!

Ciao 4 Now

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