Friday, 1 November 2013

Relaxer be GONE!

So as I mentioned in my intro my darling sister has let me loose on her blog...she's brave! I recently decided to attempt to grow the relaxer out of my hair and go back to my natural texture, to be honest I don't even know what my natural texture is even like anymore as I started relaxing my hair early in my teens and have relaxed my hair myself pretty much every 6 weeks since.

My hair isn't in a bad condition considering, its soft but can be very dry and sometimes brittle, I've wanted to grow the relaxer out for a few years now and even more so now as I have started to get more and more grey hairs (which I have renamed platinum blonde strands!) I didn't want to have to relax as well as colour.

The beauty of having Tracey as my sister is that she started her hair journey years ago and has so much knowledge and is willing to share. She has kindly given me some advise on what shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers I could be using to help minimise breakage, even tailoring for me knowing that with two young little lads to chase after and that I just don't have the time for time consuming hair routines (I will post a copy of my no fuss tailored schedule soon) It's so exciting starting my hair journey but really scared, I know its a lot of trial and error but all of which I am happy to be sharing with you all. I am a newbie to the hair scene so please if you have any tips or things you have tried that have worked for you please share.

Wash and Go! My hair when left to dry naturally

The beginning of my hair journey



  1. Your hair is beautiful! I'm sure if you follow the tips and advice from your sister you will have a wonderful hair journey. Best of luck to you :-)

  2. Your natural texture is beautiful, looking forward to your simple hair routine post.

  3. @Blessed Tresses

    Thank you, thats so kind of you. I am so lucky having Tracey to bug with questions. It's been so far so good but it does feel like my hair is craving the relaxer! Haha! x

  4. @Tonkabelle

    Thanks so sweet of you, I really do appreciate your comment. x


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