Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My HAIR On My Mind: A New Look For My Old Look!


“After 5 fun months I have realised in the past couple of weeks that I am kinda over wearing cropped styles - for the time being.” 

At the heart of this realisation is the fact that I just want to look like me again! I miss my hair.…. However, it’s not my HHJ hair that I miss, it is my old pre journey hair that I’m missing so I have decided that I need a new full lace wig. In fact, I need two new wigs, this time with the glueless cap construction!

The first unit on my list is a shoulder/collar bone length wig. You might be saying, why would you want a unit that is the same length as your own hair (or shorter)? The reason is simple, it’s because I really miss my own hair. I am in no hurry to stop wigging it, I love the simplicity of my routine at the moment and plan to wear wigs right through the winter and possibly the spring also if my edges continue to be unaffected. Ultimately, I think I will enjoy the feeling of having hair which looks most like my own when it is freshly relaxed and flat ironed. I want a bob but one without a pre-cut blunt fringe (bangs) but I also want the flexibility to be able to add a fringe, if I feel it frames my face better. Ebony recently wrote a post about getting her unit professionally cut so I think this is something I will do so I feel 100% comfortable with my new old look!  The picture below is the kind of look I want to achieve, but less full.


It is likely that this unit will be my go to unit for a while so it needs to be really good quality. It needs to wash well without losing its colour, not start matting or shedding after 6 months of wear and above all, not look like a wig! I might get a silkier texture so I don’t have to blow dry and flat iron it as much as I would if I got a yaki texture, although I do think that yaki texture is the most realistic looking. If you have any tips on where I can find a great shorter length glueless full lace unit then please let me know. I plan on getting the unit at the end of this month because I am tired of the short hair and I’m not brave enough to wear Drew to work (review coming soon).

I will also be getting another 16 inch unit. Again, I will be looking for a glueless cap construction with no bangs. I will be looking for a not too dense non-wiggy looking high quality unit. I don’t want it too long or too thick. It’s important that it doesn’t shed at all and that it preferably has the option to come with bleached knots. I’m not too sure about the style of the unit but I really like the way Ebony’s looked in her post so I will be hitting her up for some advice shortly.

Ciao 4 Now


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