Monday, 18 November 2013

Craving the White Stuff

So it may only seem like I have only just started by hair journey but its been 10 weeks since I last chemically relaxed my hair, this is the longest I have even gone without chemically relaxing the regrowth and I wont lie I am struggling! Although I haven't had as much breakage as I thought I might (I have had a little mainly at the very front) its been difficult on wash days as the two textures of my hair do not agree and take differently to products, for example the regrowth can take heavier oils like Olive Oil but it seems to make the ends sticky, stringy and thin looking. And if I use a lighter oil like Grape Seed I don't feel like the regrowth is getting enough moisture which may result in breakage! It all is just feeling a bit dry, brittle even.

This isn't my only predicament, styling my hair is taking three times as long as it did before. When I wear it up in a protective style I have frizzy edges and when I wear it out, it can look a bit stringy and thinner than what i'm use to. It's like my hair is screaming to be chemically relaxed, I swear it's whispering in my ear "go on just one more hit, no one needs to know and I will be so much more manageable, go on! you know you want to" BUT I will persevere! I guess like everything new its difficult at the beginning, a lot of trial and error and getting to know what works for you.

Tracey has suggested using a neutralizing shampoo to get rid of the stickiness and having a hot oil treatment on my next wash day. I am going to give it ago and keep you posted.

Love Carissa x



  1. You can do it Carissa! Just keep working that high bun and add a little aloe vera gel to your edges to help smooth them a bit!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. @KLP

    Thanks Hun!!!

    That is such a good tip for Carissa to try aloe Vera gel. I've never used it but I reckon it might be a good product for her to try.

    When it comes to transitioning my experience is I appreciate you making the suggestion for her x

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. @KLP

    Thanks so much for tip, my hair loves aloe vera so this gel might tame it!

    I appreciate your comment. Love Carissa x

  4. How do you get those shiney Lovely curls of the ends?

  5. @Lisa

    Thanks Lisa, I have just been using olive oil and leaving my hair to dry naturally. x


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