Monday, 11 November 2013

Hair Day Sunday - Wash Day

Hair Day Sunday  - my new wash day, I have a little more time on Sunday's when The Mister is about and can give me a helping hand with the little lads.

I think my wash day routine will be to try these products, trial them for 6 weeks and review how I get on with them at the end and adjust where I feel appropriate.

I am not a products junkie like Tracey, my products are either Tracey's casts off of products which haven't worked for her but might for me, stuff on special offer or things I have been using for so long that I have forgotten why I use them in the first place!

Co Wash - TRESemme Naturals This is the first time I've ever co-washed, I don't think I can get away with doing this weekly instead of using shampoo so will alternate with a shampoo.

Moisturing Conditioner -  Aubrey Honey Suckle Rose One of Tracey's cast's off, however I really like it.

Leave in Conditioner - CHI Keratin I love CHI's serum so thought I would treat myself to this leave in conditioner

Moisturise- Olive Oil I have ran out of Grape Seed oil (which I prefer as I find it less heavy and will be using throughout the week once I've done the food shop!)

Finishing Creme - John Freda Perfecting Creme I didn't really like this, it left my hair feeling quite sticky so I will be leaving this out next wash day.

(I use Grape Seed oil during the week and wear protective styles)

I was really happy with my first Hair Day Sunday and before now I was a co wash virgin, I can't believe I waited until now to try this as Tracey has been harping on about this for ages now and I have to say the girl was right.

I also decided to try natural tension dry so that my hair (the roots!) are more manageable throughout the week, I will post the results shortly.

Love Carissa x


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