Monday, 9 September 2013

Update: Protein, Henna & Colour Treatments

 “Even though I cut back on my hair care regimen a few months ago, I still carried on with some of my hair care treatments – in particular my protein treatments.”

I carried out a hard protein treatment a few days prior to 10th July. For the protein treatment I used Aphogee Two Step which is a product I haven’t used for about 2 years after suffering protein from a protein overload. I am not sure if it worked properly because the bottle was pretty old and I despite shaking the bejeeebers out of it, after rinsing the product out of my hair I realised that a significant amount of product had settled in the bottom on the bottle. I will do another Two Step treatment in about 4 weeks time.

I did a colour rinse on 8th August using Adore colour rinse. Unfortunately after two weeks I felt like I needed another as my wisdom hairs were becoming visible and now after four weeks they are nothing short of rampant! I’m thinking that I might have to start using permanent dye on that front section as it’s ridiculous how ageing those grey hairs are.

This weekend I plan to do a henna gloss treatment. This treatment will follow my recipe which includes the addition of coconut milk and tea.

When steeping the tea I may add some crushed Fenugreek seeds to the mix. I saw Jeni add these to her tea rinse this week and I think it would be great to add this to henna. I have previously added fenugreek powder to henna which gave great slip, but I didn’t like the little particles of fenugreek which were really difficult to rinse from my hair.  Adding it to the tea and straining it before adding to the henna will negate this issue.

After my henna treatment I will braid my hair and embark on the first month of my protective styling using one of my cropped wigs.  Adding a strengthening treatment prior to going into a protective style is really beneficial for the health of my hair.  When I take down my cornrows at the two week mark I will do a protein treatment with ORS Hair Mayonaise and put the cornrows back in again.  When I take them down again two weeks later I plan to do a hard protein treatment and put the cornrows straight back in for a further two weeks. 

During my protective style time, my ‘when I’m at home’ style of choice will be wearing an array of head-wraps. I need to go shopping for some new ones which are long enough to tie into some of these great styles showcased by Fiona.

I'm really looking forward to this upcoming henna treatment, not only because my hair could benefit from some henna right about now, but I'm also looking forward to finally tucking my hair away for a while.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Oooh love the recipe for your gloss. I need to try that, I haven't used henna in what seems like ages x

  2. You must have read my mind. I've been thinking about hennaing my hair for a few weeks. While, I love DIY--I'm thinking about going using Lush's Henna mixed with butters. Your thoughts?

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  3. wow love it.. i still havent tried henna lol!.. xx

  4. @Lesley Buckle

    It's my favourite gloss receipe so far, adapted from the first receipe which had a ton of stuff in it. I like that it's only got natural products in the ingredients.

    I'm really looking forward to doing my henna treatment this weekend - not looking forward to the epic rinsing procedure though!! (",)

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. @KLP
    I've seen those before and was really tempted to try the brown one to see if it actually leaves my hair less on the red side. I will be checking out your blog to see if you use it. I may even give it a try next time because I does sound lush!

    I love the smell of the Lush shops. (",)

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. @Yolanda Grunewald

    Your hair looks great my dear, seems like everything is going so well with your transition - without the use of henna.

    Keep doing what you're doing pretty lady (",)

    Thanks for commenting!

  7. Need to try this recipe!
    Thanks for sharing

  8. @Chantelle Emily


    This is definitely my favorite recipe to date.

    I love that there is no artificial fragrance from conditioner mixed with the distinctive smell of the henna.

    During my most recent henna treatment this weekend I added some other auyvedic herbs and fenugreek tea to the mix!

    Thanks for commenting!


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