Friday, 6 September 2013

Update: Relaxer Day #8 23.07.13

"Because I have been unwell, I kinda just got on with doing things to my hair as and when they needed to be done.....  If I happend to have a camera charged and didn't look too rough then I would take a few pictures to document the activity."

Unfortunately I was both looking and feeling not so fantastic on relaxer day, so I only took a few pictures prior to relaxing my hair.

As I was ill by the time I reached week 12 of my schedule,  my relaxer day was postponed by approximately a month.

My hair looks really straight in this photo which was taken the month prior to relaxing my hair, but it shows what my hair generally looked like after flatiroining.  I cut those stringy ends off a week after relaxing my hair, the results of which are shown in the title picture of this post.

I texlaxed my hair on 23rd July. The week beforehand I had straightened my new growth again to make it easier to manage during the texlaxing process. However, during the week my new growth reverted prior to texlaxing so it was pretty much a pointless exercise.

As always, I did the half and half method parting from ear to ear and I processed the front section first and then the back. I kept the relaxer on for 18 mins from start of application, through to smoothing and then rinsed / neutralised as normal. I decided to skip the colour rinse this time as I didn’t really have the energy to add another step.

After relaxing I detangled and then air dried in twists, choosing to finish up with a Caruso roller set the following day. 

The results were highly textured but so far I am happy with the results.

You can see the amount of texture left in my hair!
Ciao 4 Now



  1. Those curls are so cutesy on you!

  2. Love your hairstyle and all that texture is beautiful :) x

  3. @Lesley Buckle

    Thanks! There is soooo much texture in my hair this time around. Luckily I'm managing to cope with it better than I did the last time I had this amount of texture in my hair. :)

  4. sorry to hear your were unwell. its good to have you back. You hair is looking really good!Love your curls

  5. @Yvonne N - Diary of a relaxed chic

    Thank you!!!

    It's good to be back. This reminds me, I need to put up a post from my recent wash day which included my henna gloss treatment :)

    Thanks for commenting!


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