Monday, 16 September 2013

Update: Ouch, I’ve Become Even More Tender-headed!

 “I’ve always been tender-headed and I was so happy when I learned how to braid my own hair as I can regulate the tension to suit how tender my head was at any one time.”

I remember back to the days when my mum used to braid my hair and I would complain the whole time about how much it was hurting me. I used to dread getting my hair done on a Sunday night. Over the years this improved but I was definitely at the high end of the tender scalp scale.

In the past, both my hair-dresser and beauty therapist (when I used to frequent such establishments before becoming a DIYer of everything beauty related!) both informed me that the skin/scalp can become more sensitive in correlation to where you are in your monthly cycle. As such, my beauty therapist advised ladies against waxing the week prior to ‘their special time’.

Anyway, since my illness I have noticed both an increase in shedding in recent months (that much is obvious, seeing as it’s all I keep harping on about!) AND scalp sensitivity. Although my scalp isn’t painful it is definitely more on the tender side even to the lightest of touch when so much as finger parting my hair. I’ve read that neutropenia (low white blood cell count) can have that effect on the scalp.

It is so annoying that after I seemed to get my anaemia related shedding better controlled and understood, I then get hit with this new set-back. It’s a surprise I’m not snatched-bald headed right now! I will be speaking to my doctor about the shedding but she’ll probably say that there’s not a lot that can be done to reverse it. I am of the opinion that it will just take time. Luckily I am now used to looking out for this kind of issue so I’ve been onto it pretty quickly. So far the density hasn’t been ravaged the same way it was when I suffered low iron related shedding.

I am now pre-emptively taking my supplements again in a hope that it will slow down the shedding a bit and /or make the new hair that starts to grow back in, healthier and stronger.

Luckily I’ll be protective styling big time in the coming months so the results of this shedding onslaught won’t be felt to strongly – otherwise, I could end up looking like a black version of this stunner!

Souce: Michelle Pfeiffer the witch in the movie Stardust

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  1. Hoping your shedding slows down soon. I just cant handle braids but perhaps senegalese twist will be milder.

  2. In my past experience with (postpartum) shedding, the worst was over after two months. It sucked because I had to get a pretty deep trim to clean up my ends but I was just thankful for the new start. And the good news is that now my hair is back; Longer, thicker, and fuller than before. I lamented about it here:

    It was really hard for me to think about the "silver lining" while I was dealing with the issue but the only thing that I regret was how much I stressed out over it. Stressing totally made it worst. Things will get better soon chica! Keep your head up!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  3. @Tomes Edition


    Thanks! I hope it slows down to!!!!

    At the moment I can't the shedding because I have in some rather attractive Celie braids. I don't think my hair could cope with Seneglese twists at the moment because even these Celie braids hurt my poor scalp and they aren't anywhere near tight. It took a day for my head to stop hurting at the crown area!!!

    Thanks for commenting!


  4. @KLP


    Thanks hun! I read your post a week or so ago and I found it really useful. I'm glad your shedding trauma is over and that it only took two months - although I bet that felt like forever!

    I think when this is over I am going to have to get a deep trim too!

    I am definitely taking your advice on board and am not stressing about the shedding. This is much easier to do when as my hair is in braids under my wig at the moment so at present I have zero (visible) shedding. I only get to see the shedding on wash days so it definitely helps not having to see the hair on the bathroom floor!

    Thanks for commenting!


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