Sunday, 8 September 2013

Update: Bee Mine Growth Serum

"Over the past weeks/months I have been more consistent with the application of my growth serum."

I think this improvement  in consistency has a lot to do with discovering that I have a really dry scalp!!!  Also the fact that I don’t hate the smell of the Bee Mine growth serum really makes it less of a chore to apply it on a regular basis.

Recently, I was kindly informed by a Simply Into My HAIR reader, that British Curlies Emporium no longer stock Bee Mine products!  What the.....!!!

Upon hearing this distressing news (okay, possible slight exageration there...!) I immediately went to the site and stocked up on the growth serum as this was the only product in my staples which they still had in stock. I brought two trial size growth serums with sulfur in the Island Mango scent and one full size in the Strawberry Kiwi. It is a good thing that I purchased the Strawberry Kiwi as I’ve now discovered I much prefer this fragrance as it has a far less overpowering.

I have contacted British Curlies Emporium and asked them for confirmation of whether they will be restocking the line but so far no response has been received. This is such a shame as Luscious, Deja’s Hair Milk, Juicy and the Growth Serum with sulphur all form part of my staples.

In all honesty, I am not about to start looking for replacements for all of these products, I will just aim to find either an alternate supplier in the UK or just bite the bullet and purchase large sizes direct from the US and take the hit on shipping. For me, the products are worth the additional cost.

In the meantime, I think I have enough Luscious and Growth Serum to see me through a considerable number of months, although if I did get stuck Elasta QP Olive Oil  & Mango Butter is comparable to Luscious.  I've not found anything that is like Deja's Hair Milk but I have been revisiting Herbal Essance Beautiful Ends Leave In Conditioner which seems to be working out for me better that it had in the past.  I don't know what I am going to use in place of Juicy, I may have to make something using AVJ and a bunch of other ingredients.

If anyone knows of a UK distributor for Bee Mine products, please do let me know.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. I think i'm with you about ordering from the states. I ordered recently from Silk Dreams cos I've been drooling over there Vanilla silk Dream Conditioner for a while, i used a package forwarding service - the service seems reliable too. The only thing is that the postage, fee from the forwarders and vat import tax hit me hard so need figure that out. Think i may order on black friday (29th nov) so it will be more worth my while.

  2. FANTASTIC idea about waiting until Black Friday. I will definitely be doing that. I will order a years supply and then do the same again the following year.

    Sorry to hear that you were hit with the handling fee and customs charges. I dread those every time I order things for my nails on eBay.

    Thanks for the tip re Black Friday and thanks for commenting.

  3. Dang son! I would cry a river if I suddenly couldn't get my Bee Mine products.

  4. @Ebony CPrincess


    Seriously, it sucks! BIG TIME!!!!

    I am definitely going to get some from the US during Black Friday - I hope they ship to the UK......!

    Thanks for commenting.


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