Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Simply Into My HAIR Simplified

“In recent weeks I have decided that I will be moving the focus on my hair to a minimal level.”

In other words, I will be ‘keeping it simple’, well as simple as My HAIR will allow.

During this time I will start extending the length of time between my wash days as I will be in cornrows and I want to limit the amount of manipulation down to the bare minimum. At the moment my wash days are usually anywhere between 7-10 days anyway, so incorporating this into my regimen actually makes sense.

That's it…!  Not much different to what I have been doing these past few weeks really.

I will also be cutting back on the number of posts I write about my hair. I figure that as I won’t be doing much to my hair on a daily/weekly basis I will switch to posting bi-weekly updates on what has happened during each two week period, highlighting any changes in my shedding levels and changes in my routine in general.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. I am all for keeping it simple! Goodluck with your plans!

  2. I think a lot of ladies are dumbing it down (so to speak). I recently simplified my regimen and products used too. I think when you finally start learning your hair, you realize there's no need for all the extra :-)

  3. @Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty.com


    Yeah, I've noticed the same thing too. I am only a few weeks in but I am really enjoying taking a semi-laid back approach to my hair care.

    I know that my hair loves moisture and being left alone but what my hair loves doesn't always fit with how I want to wear my hair.

    As I'm fed up with the shedding at the moment I am just going with the flow, baggying overnight a few times a week (something that I've not really done before), keeping up with my moisturising and sealing routine and just enjoying wigging it for a while. :)

    Like you I've also reassessed my products used and have actually gone back to some of my old favorites from the start of my HHJ and just plain old water.

    Boy, how things have changed!

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. @Yvonne N - Diary of a relaxed chic


    I am totally with you on that score right about now. I kinda feel liberated!

    I did a henna gloss treatment at the weekend and it took the best part of a day from start to finish! I love doing henna treatments but I just wish they didn't take soooo long!

    At the moment I'm wondering if I will continue this after the shedding stops and my hair recovers....?

    Thanks for commenting!


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