Monday, 4 March 2013

What's Going On With Simply Into My HAIR...?

"You may have noticed that I have been M.I.A. from my blog pretty much throughout the whole duration of the month of February."

I apologise for being away for such a long time.  Intially my absence from the blog was due to having ZERO broadband connection for two whole weeks!!  Luckily, I still had my phone so was able to post updates on the Facebook page on my henna gloss treatment and sixth set of crotchet braids but blogging properly from the laptop just couldn't happen.

I thought I'd post a link to my 20.01.13 wash day incase you missed it in the flurry of posts this evening.  I wrote the wash day post back in January but never posted because the images were on my laptop - which I couldn't use to post! 

Anyway, enough excuses....below are some of the other things that happened since I last posted way back in January.

Henna Gloss
I did a henna gloss treatment on 27th February.  For this treatment I made a few changes to my henna gloss mix.  One of the changes was by adding a can of coconut milk to the milk instead of conditioner.  I was really impressed with the consistency of the mixture and the results I received.

Crochet Braid Install
Following my Henna Gloss strengthening treatment I installed my sixth set of crochet braids. This time I used Freetress Bohemien Braid hair.  After a month of wearing this hair I know for sure that I don't really like it very much.  I prefer the Aftress Water Wave hair as it's less dense and eaiser to manage/tame. 

Simply Into My NAILS

I've been gel manicuring like a fiend these past few months! 

I have been doing lots of freebies for friends and family in order to improve my application skills and it's working!  I'm much neater and a little quicker than I was when I started.

I have created a Facebook Page where I have uploded all my manicures and will post regular updates when I start my training.  If you're interested in manicures of both the gel and normal lacquer kind please stop by my page and feel free to comment/follow/share.

Click the picture to take you straight to the Facebook page

Little Likely Lads

My sister has created a new blog called Little Likely Lads.

Her blog is focused on my two gorgeous nephews and gives great tips on clothing finds, kids toys, gadgets and bargains!  My favorite posts are  'Little Chortles' which showcase some of the funny things my little nephew comes out with!!!

Click here to follow a link to the Facebook Page for Little Likely Lads.  Take a look and feel free to commet/share/follow.

Increase In Blog and Facebook Page Followers = Giveaway Number 2!

To celebrate the huge increase in followers I have received on both this blog and the Simply Into My Hair Facebook Page, I have decided to hold my second giveaway.  Woot woot!!  I will post more details of the give away in due course so please pop back for more info.

I think that's just about everything that has happened.....  I plan to take out my crochet braids next weekend so I'll be resuming my normal regular updates as I will actually be able to 'do stuff' to My HAIR!!

Thanks for reading this looooooooooong post and thanks for continuing to support and follow Simply Into My HAIR - it means alot that people are interested in the the blog and the things that I do to my hair.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Your Crochet braids looks great on you

  2. @Tomes Edition

    Thank you so much for the compliment.

    I love doing them because they are super easy and quick to install. They are also quicker to take down than braids and probably less damaging.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Love your hair and good to have you back. Loved reading the little chortles posts, your nephews are hilarious and adorable.

  4. @Tonkabelle

    It's good to be back!

    Thank you!!! I love the ease of this style but I am looking forward to getting up close and personal with my hair again this weekend. We'll see how long that love-in lasts though as I'll probably be dying to put the crochet braids back in by this time next week!!!

    Thank you for taking a look at my sisters blog and for your lovely commitments about both of them. She's just started out with 'Little Likely Lads' and posts regularly. I know she will definitely appreciate you looking at the blog and the comments you've made about how adorable her boys are. Of course I think so too, but I am their auntie so I am biased :)

    Thanks again for commenting!

  5. Welcome back! great to see you are posting again, Love the BIG hair, its looks fabulous!

    Thanks for the mention on my new blog, much appreciated!

    Love you loads xx

  6. @Tonkabelle

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my new blog and your kind words. I post most days so hope to see you again (from little Likely Lads) x


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