Saturday, 30 March 2013

Update on My HAIR: Thickness & Length Check #5

"Following my recent relaxer day 24.03.13 I was pleasently surprised to realise that I had passed arm pit length (APL) on this healthy hair journey of mine!!!  I manged to leave my hair alone for a day before taking to it with my cabide scissors! My ends, in my opinion, were not so great so they just had to go!"

It wasn't a surprise to me as this trim was one that had been in the planning since the install of my straight crochet braids.

I probably could have waited a week and trimmed on a rollerset or something but I think the flat ironing exposed all the short comings of my hair so it gave a clear indication of what my ends REALLY look like.

This is what my hair looked like directly after flat ironing 24.03.13

I trimmed using my normal ‘faux stylist’ process. I actually made a couple of mistakes this time regarding the the direction of the cuts when it came to the front (sods law) but it was nothing to cry about and it was easily rectified. I always make sure I cut less than I need to and then cut again to ensure that I get the right shape and length.  

This is the amount of hair I trimmed 25.03.13

Afterwards I got my lovely boyfriend to take a few snap shots for me [instead of dicing with death (or potential paralysis) at the top of the stairs which I what I usually end up doing when I take these update photos!].

Below are a few comparison shots:

I was planning to do a length check in August (I was trying to only do one a year so I don't obsess about length/thickness) but this relaxer day seems to have superseded that and turned into a fully fledged hair update! I may do another one in a few months time but I think that will be more of a thickness check as that is my ongoing goal right now.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. is it just me but i think your progress has been slow

    i went back to see pics when u started blogging and i said to myself i would be really disappointed if that's i have achieved in the years

    i have also noticed u really do over think and over do this HHJ..i mean we all know the basics and its relaly not s complex as u make it......perhaps u need to just do the NEEDFUL and leave the rest

    your steps are way long, you use too much products cos u believe it will achieve a certain result and i have noticed u arent consistent long enough ........u change ur mind often

    perhaps simplicity may be what u need cos clearly its not working..yes ur hair is fuller but u arent retaining ur lenght

    ok bye

    i know its not blog and u r free to do as u please but that was me just thinking out loud and i really do wish u all the best for real

  2. @Jenijen

    Thanks hun! Still shooting for a bun as magnificent as yours....

  3. @ada

    Thank you for your comments.

    You're right, progress from the start of my HHJ has been s-l-o-o-w!! Unfortunately I've experienced illness (anemia) which caused major issues with shedding and this was compounded by two surgeries within 6 months of each other.

    I've documented some of my struggles with my setbacks in the My HAIR On My Mind series which can be found by clicking the black button halfway down the side banner and also within the 'trimming' label of this blog.

    Overall I'm really pleased and encouraged by my recent progress made during 2012 which has been in part due to my recovery and consistency with protective styling and minimal use of heat.

    My main goal is to achieve thickness which is why I have no qualms about dusting, trimming or cutting my hair as needed in order to attain thickness - over length.

    I also appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my blog and I thank you for your well wishes.

  4. @Simply Into My HAIR

    You gave her such a nice response. Can't say I would've done the same :) Your progress is wonderful. This hair journey is just like any other journey in life. We have setbacks, but the goal is just to keep it moving forward. Thanks for the update!

  5. @LaToya

    Haha, yes I certainly tried.....!!!

    Thank you for your kind comments. You are so right about this journey being one of ups and downs. I really appreciate you pointing out that it's not always easy or straight forward!

    Sometimes I wish I had embarked upon this HHJ earlier as I will be 39yrs old next month so I'll be 40yrs old next year. This in itself poses challenges, as being female my hair growth rate is likely to slow down and may also grow in thinner over the coming years.

  6. Wow amazing progress hun, well done!! Ur hair looks amazing.. X

  7. Congratulations on your progress~your hair looks great! I think you are doing a wonderful job continuing with your hair journey, even when faced with up and downs. Inspirational!!!

  8. @Yolandaas

    Thank you so much!

    I hope this continues as my hair is actually feeling good right now and behaving well.


  9. @Blessed Tresses

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

    I am really excited to start apply my growth aide starting from my next wash day this coming weekend!!

    I hope that the new schedule I am on will help me on my journey and keep the downs to a minimum in 2013!


  10. You've made great progress and you did a really good job with that trim. I'm not familiar with that method you mentioned but it came out great!

  11. @Kim Fancy

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

    The method I use is just basically copying what I have seen my previous stylist has done during one of the many trims I used to have.

    I take even sections of the hair, comb it, run my finger down it a few times with a scissor like grip and then snip the ends off. I then continue this all over my hair. Once I have done all the sections I go through them again but this time taking different sections of hair to make sure there are no jagged jumps in length and then snip again at an angle.

    I do not level the back as I cannot see what I am doing but funnily enough it always seems to end up being straight enough for my needs.

    I like your new avatar - you look very pretty in the new picture.

    Thanks for commenting!

  12. That is some lovely progress, your hair is looking really healthy and nice!

    Now following you :)
    Mixed Beauty


  13. Hi Tama-

    I love your header image. Why does the picture reminde me of the way my hair looks now!

  14. @Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

    Thank you!

    I had such a tough time trying to decide what to change my logo to when I changed my blog layout and design last year.

    When I did a post about my Crochet Braid Maintenance I realised that I had the perfect picture in that post. With a bit of picture jiggery pokery on Pic Monkey I came up with the perfect image to use.

    I really like it and can't see myself changing it for a while!

    Thanks for commenting!!!

  15. @Chantelle

    Thank you so much!

    My hair actually feels much stronger and healthier than it has in years!!! Long may it continue :)

    Thanks for commenting


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