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Wash Day Diary @ 4 Weeks Post: 20.01.13

"Again, I have been sporting the rats/birds nest updo.  It's fast becoming a well rehearsed favourite of mine!!!"

When I bun I don't do anything to my hair other than moisturise and seal twice a day.  I take my bun down every evening when I get home from work, moisutrise, seal and then secure my bun loosely with one bobby pin.  Before bed I take out the pin, moisturise my ends again, seal and then cover with scarf with my hair still in the direction of my bun so it is flattened for the morning.  The following morning I moisturise and seal again, put my ponytail holder in for my bun in my position of choice then I'm out the door.  This process continues for the next 6 or 7 days until wash day comes around again.

At the end of week my hair along the perimeter and the back looks smooth but my denser hair at the ront and the top looks like it's ready for a breeding pair of pigeons to set up home!  This week I took the following steps to try and evict those flying rats!

Sectioned hair into four parts, two at the back and two at the front. Starting on the sections on the left side, I spritzed with Mane ‘N’ Tail Detangler, coated with a little Hemp Seed Oil and then left to soak in for a few minutes whilst spritzed and oiled the second section. I then detangled each section using my fingers.

After detangling each section I coated the detangled section in my deep conditioner mix.  I was trying to keep it fairly simple this wash day so my mix consisted of;

  • Alter Ego Hot Oil Treatment with Garlic
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Silk Amino Acid Powder 
  • Roux Porosity Control

I heated the conditioner mix in the microwave for 20 seconds [it was cold and heating the conditioner is something I do at times to kick start the conditioner into action when I don't intend to use a heated cap or the steamer].  I then applied the warm mixture to my hair.  I concentrated the application to;
  • my roots (to soften)
  • my ends (to protect)
  • then applied to the length of my hair (to moisturise)
I then two strand twisted the section and pinned it up. I covered with a plastic conditioning cap and scarf and sat with the conditioner on my hair for about 2hrs without heat.

I then rinsed each section with water and then cowashed each of the individual sections using Hair One with Olive Oil concentrating the application on my roots and then to the length of my hair.

After rinsing, I put a towel on my hair for 5 minutes and then applied my leave ins in this order;

  1. Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Treatment (to all my hair to add moisture)
  2. Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Leave In Conditioner (to the ends and nape only to curb any breakage)
  3. EVCO (for shine, strength and to assist in detangling)
  4. Organix Moroccan Oil Serum (for smoothness)
  5. Organix Coconut Milk Serum (to the ends only to minimise breakage)
  6. Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Serum (to assist in detangling and to minimise frizz)
  7. KeraCare Oil Moisturiser with Jojoba (to make my hair feel good and to seal everything else in)

I then waited for a few minutes and then detangled on damp hair using only my Hercules Sagemann Jumbo Rake Comb. I decided against the three comb method as my hair doesn’t feel quite up to that at the moment as I am experiencing some shedding at the moment. It's not bad but enough to remind me that I need to start taking my supplements again  -  I have slipped BIG TIME!

I have noticed that I have experienced some breakage at my nape – this was caused by wearing my hair in a high bun. Although I alternate my bun position regularly, my nape still suffered from bunning as it’s so fragile. My hair also seems thinner to me, especially at the ends. I feel like I have lost some volume to my hair ever since my nightmare kinky twist deinstall a few months back. I love having kinky twists so I will try to devise a new installation method (larger braids and fewer of them) and take down process (take them out at 6 weeks and make sure I deal with my hair accordingly i.e. make note of the number of weeks post and use the right products) if/when I decide to do them again.

I will be putting my hair back into Crochet Braids again next weekend as I am already 4 weeks post relaxer. It’s cold in the UK as it has been snowing all weekend and I just want to hide my hair away for 4 weeks! I love crochet braids because they are quick and easy to install and the same goes for taking them down.

I’m off to try and find some Freetress Bohemien curl hair for the crochet braids which I’m probably going to have to purchase online as I’ve never been able to find it where I live!

Ciao 4 Now

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