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Wash Day Diary @ 4 weeks post: 04.05.12

"I'm back now after my mini break and the first thing I wanted to do was take out my fourth set of crochet braids, wash and deep condition my hair!"

Since being in the crochet braids I have moisturised my hair using my tried and trusted mix of Taliah Waajid Mist Bodifier and water.  As I was away I doctored the mix slightly with the additon of grapeseed oil.  As we had really hot water in Italy, I pretty much ditched the moisturising mix by the 2nd day away and just popped my head under the water at the end of my morning shower.  This worked a treat.  I only sealed once or twice with my oil mix.  On the last day I threw away half of the Taliah Waajid mix and added some of the CHI Keratin Mist which I had mixed with water and sprayed the whole concoction onto my hair for added moisture and strength.

The next day was deinstall and wash day....

1.  First I made my black&green tea brew, this time using 3 green tea bags and 1 black tea bag.  I then set about cutting the crochet braids down short the same as I did last time.  I then unbraided my hair and took out the extension hair.  The process took about an hour.  I didn't detangle as I went along, instead I chose to detangle once all of the braids were undone.

The day before and the day after....I was glad to get the crochet braids out - even though I love then!

2.  I sectioned my hair into 4,  finger detangled and then removed all the remaining shed hair (of which there was quite a bit!) using my HS Jumbo Rake comb.  Detangling didn't take more than 20mins and I didn't have any significant tangles or knots.

3.  After detangling, I applied my deep conditioner in the same 4 sections.  I used a mix of Alter Ego, Aussie Moist (using this up), Roux Porostity Control and grapeseed oil which I had taken away with me just incase I had needed to wash my hair.  I then slept in the deep conditioner overnight.

One thing I have noticed with deep conditioning overnight is as soon as I wake up my scalp itches loads after sleeping in the deep conditioner, no matter which type I use.  ORS Replenishing Conditioner, Alter Ego and Henna Glosses all have the same itchy result which lingers for days (usually until my next wash day which tends to come around pretty soon after!). 

4.   The next morning I cowashed out the deep conditioner using Organix Coconut Conditioner.  My scalp was itching and felt like it needed a wash so I opted for a protien shampoo and tried out my Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo.  I liked everything about this shampoo.  It lathered easily and made my hair feel clean but not stripped.  I shampoo'd in two halves in the shower letting the water run down my strands and only lathered eash side once then rinsed.

5.  Next I applied some Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment, which I left on my hair for the stated 3-5mins whilst I got my tea mix ready.  I rinsed the PM Super Strong Treatment out and then applied the black&green tea whilst in the shower and concentrated the application to my scalp.  I left this on whilst I finished up in the shower.  I then applied my moisturising deep conditioner AOHSR to the wet hair and then sat with this on my hair for 35mins underneath my heated conditioning cap.

6.  Next I rinsed out the deep conditioner (stared in disbelief at my wisdom hairs wondering where the heck they have all come from!) and then popped a towel on my head for 15mins before applying my leave ins which were Elasta QP H2 and Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Treatment which I sealed in with grapeseed oil.  I then airdried until 70% dry before adding more moisture, Bee Mine's Deja's Hair Milk, sealed with Organix Coconut Milk Anti Breakage Serum then detangling.

As my hair had been in the crochet braids I was extra thorough with my detangling (whilst trying my best not to freak out at the hair which was coming out!) I did the 3 comb method which ECP did a post about a while ago.  Now that I have my Denman Ebonite comb I have the perfect comb to detanble with after the jumbo rake which doesn't feel like it is doing damage to my hair and can get right at those tangles. I use the rat tail comb or my fingers to section, I then finger detangle before using the HS Jumbo Rake before finishing with the wide tooth side of the Denman comb.  I got great results with a nice smooth finish (except for the pesky underprocessed area in the back!)
Left to Right:  Denman Ebonite Comb, Cheapo £1 rat tail comb, Hercules Sagemann Jumbo Rake

7.  I then put my hair in three sections, one at the back two at the sides and secured with hair ties to stretch my hair for 5mins.  I then pulled all of my hair back into a low bun and was finally finished for the day.

Shedding = High
Breakage = Medium
Top Left & Right:  Shed hair after taking out crochet braids and during application of deep condtioner.  Bottom Left:  Shed hair during wash and deep conditioning  Bottom Right:  Shed hair during thorough detangling.
This wash day I saw an increase in both shedding and breakage!  Not great but I will be working on reducing both.  I suspect that my inconsistency with taking garlic and other supplements is partly the culprit.  I took about 2 days worth of supplements in the week before we went away and I didn't even bother taking the supplements with me to take whilst away because I just didn't want to.  If the shedding is still the same next wash day I will be more concerned than I am now as I almost always experience an increase in both shedding and breakage after coming out of a protective style, even though I was only in this one for two weeks.

Ciao 4 Now


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