Friday, 17 July 2015

Wig Review: Introducing 'The Big Chop Wig'

Toni Daley Big Chop Wig 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style

"Earlier this month I reviewed the fabulous Toni Wig and the very same day I found that Toni Daley had brought out a new shorter unit called the 'Big Chop Wig'....."

 Of course I had to add it to my collection......!

I purchased the 'Big Chop Wig' directly from and paid for the wig using my own money.  

I ordered the wig in the colour 1b and along with the unit I received two wig caps, a tartan tube wrap and a pair of cross earrings.  Unfortunately I did not have time to photograph the added extras because the wig arrived yesterday and once again, I was getting ready to go out when I took these photos.

This time shipping took less than two weeks.  I ordered it on the the 5th and it arrived here in the UK on the 16th July with no fees this time,

Toni Daley Big Chop Wig 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style
I only leave one twist out and push the front comb underneath my wig cap just behind the twist I have left out for blending with the wig.

Toni Daley Big Chop Wig 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style
Fitting the Big Chop Wig is exactly the same process as for the Toni Wig.  These two units are probably the most comfortable units I own.  I love that they fit so snugly and that I don't have to worry about friction on my edges because they are half wigs and designed to be worn with your hair out at the front and along the perimeter if you choose to keep additional hair out.

1Toni Daley Big Chop Wig 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style
Yep - I love it just needs a pop of colour....

Toni Daley Big Chop Wig 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style
Ahhh, that's better!

For a short wig and with only a little leave out at the very front, this unit blends very well and even along the sides where there is none of my hair left out it doesn't look too bad.

Toni Daley Big Chop Wig 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style
I am contemplating cutting this unit a little in the back but I will leave it little while before I do so because I want to make sure it's something that I really want to do.   This is a short wig afterall and of course, wigs don't grow after you cut them!

Next time I will be reviewing my Finger Comber Units that I have added to my growing wig collection so stay tuned for those,,,,,

Ciao 4 Now



  1. This wig totally looks like its all your hair! Do you wear them daily?

  2. Love love love, its looks so natural on you.

  3. @Abbii Cameron

    Not only does the wig look like my hair, it feels like it to.

    I wore the Toni wig pretty much all of last week. It it's so comfy and this big chop with its the same, very comfortable.

    I love that I only have a small amount of leave out and I could leave out less which I will do in winter months.

    This Big Chop unit will be my daily go to unit.

  4. @Tomes Edition

    Thanks hun! I really love it. I can't wait to try the Fingercomber units next.

  5. Did you ever cut it some? It does look natural this way. Since you mentioned you thought about cutting it, I was curious.

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