Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My HAIR On My Mind: @ 5 Weeks Post

My hair has been feeling so dry this week.  I have had to make a massive effort in order to keep it moisturised at all times.  This has included baggying overnight, moiturising daily either 2 or 3 times and sealing with either grapeseed, hemp seed or JBCO and not bothering with a brolly if caught out in the rain (despite what I remember seeing in rain water when I was younger)!!! 

To moisturise this week have used SCurl, Taliah Waajid Mist Bodifier and Elasta QP Mango Butter.  Out of these I definitely got the best results with SCurl.  I think the dryness was caused by protein.  I think it is fair to say that my hair is protein sensitive as it pretty much always acts up like this when I use protein as I did during my last wash day using PM Super Strong and a couple of days beforehand when I sprayed my braids with a mix of CHI Keratin Mist.  I will continue to use protein sparingly going forward but when I do I will be upping my moisture during the following week and I will try not to use any other products containing protein for that same period of time.

My shedding has slowed down alot since dusting my ends this past weekend.  So glad I did so - my hair really needed it!  Going forward I will be dusting more regularly as I have reassessed trying to push it out to once every 6 months as I don't feel this works for me.  I will not dust/trim to a timetable exactly but going by experience with my hair it will probably need a bi-monthly dusting to keep the shedding in check and the ends looking and feeling healthy.  I will use either my scissors or splitender to dust.

This week I also revisited adding the contents of my garlic capsules directly to my scalp.  I used 5 in total.   I don't particularly like how it made my strands feel but my shedding has slowed down so it is something I will continue to do when required.

I will be going into another protective style a the end of this week as it will have been a week since I took out my crochet braids.  I am going to give them a break this time around and install another set of kinky twists.  I am looking forward to having them in, but I am not looking forward to the 10hr + install!  Here's hoping that I have gotten a bit quicker than the last two installs.

This time around I will be doing a vinegar soak on the hair prior to installing to remove the alkaline coating which I am sure makes my scalp itch.  I will be following the instructions in this recent post by Ms D over at 6 Foot Long Hair.

By the time I take out the kinky twists, hopefully in 4-6 weeks time, I should be on shedule for my next relaxer and length check.  I will do this two weeks after taking out the kinky twists, unless I opt to go straight back into another set as I did last time around.

I have been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by the lovely Jeni and the equally lovely Ms D.  Thanks Ladies!! I've only now got time to do this since coming back so I will get onto it today and get the post up later today or tomorrow.

Errrmrmm yeaaaaaaah!  I have been super rubbish with taking my supplements.  My iron prescription is still at the doctors - need I say more?!  The only supplement I have been taking again for the past few days is my garlic capsules which I have increased to 4 a day. 

I have also been rubbish with my water intake.  It is seriously low.  I will rectify both this and the vitamins this week.  I really need to get on both of these again!  I was doing so well before.

Is the sun shining?  No!  Am I going out jogging anytime soon in the rain/cold? HELL NO!!!  I did walk the dog in the rain once but it won't be a regular occurance - I don't do the cold!

Excercise shall recommence when the sunshine returns and not before then!

A few months ago I set myself a challenge to use ORS Replenishing Conditioner exclusively as my moisturising deep conditioner.    The experient went well and I was consistent using ORS RC which I mixed with Roux Porosity Control on my wash days. I love this conditioner however, I would love it all the more if it didn't have protein in it and was purely just a moisturising conditioner. It would be great if ORS could make a solely moisturising deep conditioner.  I would be all over it as there products never dissappoint on performance or on my pockets!

As mentioned above, I have come to the realisation that my hair is protein sensitive so I have called a hault to this experiment.  I will continue to use ORS RC but only once or twice a month going forward as I don't think once or twice a week works too well for my hair in the long run right now.

10.  HENNA
My henna gloss is well and truly overdue.  I plan to do my henna gloss tomorrow.  I will make the henna evening using black tea and add the other ingredients tomorrow.   I have decided not to leave it on overnight as leaving things on my head overnight tends to make my scalp itch which won't do prior to my kinky twist install.  This time I plan to leave it on for 4hrs, air dry then begin the kinky twist install.

I have used up another product in my stash this time around it is Aussie Moist Conditioner.  I won't be buying this again.  It wasn't bad but for me it wasn't excellent either!

Ciao 4 Now


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