Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My HAIR On My Mind: Protective Styling with Kinky Twists

I seriously need to redo the kinky twists along my nape!!  The twists directly above the nape are still good but right at the bottom of my nape they are in desperate need of fixing up.  I also need to redo the braids along my hairline and along my centre parting.  I will do these when I have time but they will definitely be done by the end of the weekend.

I've increased my intake of these over the past two weeks but I am still not where I want/need to be with regards to taking these regularly.

I have increased my water intake in the form of drinking squash (who am I kidding, it's mostly been rosé wine!!!!) whilst the weather has been scorching hot in the UK.  I could still do better though so I will keep working on this.

Not likely to happen anytime soon....it's way too hot!!!


I don't really have a set in stone regimen for these kinky twists as I am genuinely trying to keep it simple.  Below are the things I have been doing and will continue to do for the next 3½ weeks which remain for this install

Moisturise roots and the length of my hair at least once (most often twice a day) with my Taliah Waajid, Water & Grapeseed Oil mix.  I sometimes use my heavier moisturising mix which includes aloe vera juice just on the lengths of my hair.  I haven't been sealing my hair separately with oil as I took the step of mixing it in with my moisturising mist.   
Oil scalp once or twice a week with either JBCO or growth serum.
Ensure that if I wet my face I apply JBCO or Grapeseed Oil to my hairline straight away to make sure it doesn't dry out and become brittle.
If I wear my hair in a high bun I make sure that it is not putting strain on any individual braids. 
If I wear my hair in a high bun I do not do so for consecutive days.  I operate a strict one day up one day down protocol! 

 I also make sure that I have spritzed my roots before I manipulate my hair into any style whilst in these kinky twists.

Re-do braids along the perimeter every 3 weeks.  
Wash braids when required - this should be about once every 2 weeks.
Cover hair with satin scarf at night.

**It is my intention to pop my head under the flow of water at the end of my morning shower on a daily basis but haven't done so yet.  I will start this tomorrow**

I don't have any shedding or breakage to report as my hair is hidden.  What I can say is that I took out one braid on my hairline earlier today and lightly finger detangled the hair before putting the kinky twist back in and I don't think a single hair came out.  My hair felt moisturised and strong.  I'll be able to assess this better when I tidy the braids up this week.

I am due a hair wash next week.  I think I might try out the ORS Scalp Cleanse for an in between wash day this week as I brought it for use whilst in crochet braids but never used it.  I will do a shampoo or cowash next week and deep condition using my steamer sometime next week.

Ciao 4 Now


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