Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Bit Of Spring Cleaning (a.k.a. Dusting!)

"As my hair was shedding and tangling during my last wash day I decided to take the very ends off my hair.  It always feels so much better when I have done this and it stops the hair tangling on itself."

These scissors are just so cute.  Not only are they pink/purple and gold, they also have some bling on them!   They are great at snipping away at my ends and are super sharp.

This is the total amount of hair that I cut (along with a few hairs that shed during the process).

I cut my hair in 4 sections .  This is the first section that I started to cut which was at the back on the left hand side.

These pictures show the other three sections pre dust on the left and post dust on the right.  I didn't take off much, just enough to make a difference.

 Ciao 4 Now



  1. I never thought I'd say this lol, but I can't wait to trim my hair after my next touch up... the last 2 inches of my hair are starting to look thin; no bueno

  2. I just had my hair trimmed and my hair thanked me for it. My hair looked so much fuller. Too scared to try trimming or dusting myself. I always snip too much.

  3. I am going to invest in a good pair of hair shears and do some monthly dusting after the end of the RS challenge. It seems so beneficial for others who do it.

  4. @Jenijen

    I know exactly how you feel!

    For the past month I have been wanting to dust my ends but put it off for a while. I was getting sick of the wispy ends and tangling! My ends looked super thin but just taking off the smallest amount has made a huge difference!

    Thanks for commenting (",)

  5. @LaQT/ Ty

    It is amazing how much difference a trim or dusting makes. It always seems to improve my shedding which is one of the reasons why I did so many trims last year. I would like to be someone who can get away with a trim every 6 months but I don't think my hair likes that very much (",)

    Thanks for commenting.

  6. @EbonyCPrincess

    I really love my scissors/shears. I got them from Ebay for about £15 after borrowing my sisters pair. They are super sharp and look so so pretty!

    I'm totally with you, I think I might go for a bi-monthly dusting as I think that will be best for my ends and my hair in general. It doesn't take me long to do.

    I think I will get a proper trim at in time and go to my old stylist as I do trust him to trim only the amount that I say. I would really like to have level ends when my hair is longer so it doesn't look a hot mess when I wear it out (",)

    Thanks for commenting!


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