Friday, 6 April 2012

Relaxer #5

"Yaaay, it's relaxer day!!!  Although I was excited I was also aprehensive about loosing a ton of hair in the process."

I decided to relax at one day shy of 10 weeks post.  I followed pretty much the same process as my corrective relaxer this time around.

1.  Detangled.  This time I didn't use any AVJ as it may have weakened the relaxer last time.  This time I detangled with a little Grapeseed oil and tried not to coat my newgrowth with too much oil.

2.  Next I applied Preservo (Step 1) to my newgrowth, length and ends.  I then followed this up with some Roux Porosity Control ensured that each section was thoroughly detangled and then twisted the section.

3.  I then applied some Profective Mega Growth Oil which I added some SAA to during my last relaxer.  I concentrated the application of this to the ends only and then divided the hair in that section into 1 inch partings (which were made using my fingers).  I then two strand twisted the section and secured the end using a two pronged clip.

4.  I then set about protecting the back sections of my hair as I relax the front due to rinsing with my hair hanging over the bath.  I can't yet bring myself to rinse off the relaxer in the shower but think I may give it a try someday to see if there is a reduction in tangles.

I brought coloured conditioning caps to see if it made it easier to spot if any relaxer had got under or on the cap.  I don't think this worked too well as the caps were larger than the clear caps which I have that are smaller and tighter.  I really need to work on covering all of the hair in the line between the hair that is being relaxed and thae hair that will be relaxed in the second half.

 5.  I then set about liberally applying the relaxer within the pre-sectioned partings starting at the top right in the middle and working my way to through the right side first down to the parting just before the last then starting at the top again working my way down to the same spot on the left side.  I then applied the relaxer to the last section on the right side, then the left then smoothed through a little before applying the relaxer to my edges and then smoothing over and over until the full 15mins were up.  I chose to pull the relaxer down over the underprocessed parts of my hair for the last 3 mins of processing time.  Although this was definitely needed it will be the last time I pull the relaxer through my already processed hair.  I am just sick of the tangling trauma associated with detangling my hair so it had to be done - or cut off once and for all!

6.  Once the time had elapsed, I rinsed the front section being careful not to get the back wet.  Once rinsed, I replaced the yellow conditioning cap with a clean transparent one.  I choose to change the cap at this point so as not to get any relaxer that may be on the cap or the elastic of the cap on my hair.  I then applied Affirm Sustenance (Step 2) and left this on for 5mins.  I decided earlier this week to skip adding Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor during the relaxer process.   I think that I have been adding too much proten during the relaxer and afterwards and as I texlax, this is causing my hair to revert ALOT!  Sustenance contains protein and I guess as it is tailored to work alongside the relaxer that it should suffice and additional protein should not be required.  I will review this course of action at my next relaxer.  I then rinsed out the sustenance and neutralized my hair using Affirm Neutralizing Shampoo (Step 3).  I shampooed twice and then put the front of my hair into a bun and covered with a clean conditioning cap.

7.  I then repeated steps 5 & 6 on the back of my hair.  For some reason the back section started to tingle/burn a little.  I think this may be because I had been wearing my hair in a style that had two bobby pins securing and protecting my ends.  Note to self, don't do that again before the next relaxer.

8.  After neutralizing the back section twice, I combined the two sections and neutralized again with the Affirm neutralizing shampoo and then once with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo and then again with the Affirm (even though it says to do it a maximum of three times - that makes zero sense to me and I want to make sure that relaxer is neutralised ta rharse!!).

9.   Next applied Roux Porosity Control for 2 minutes before rinsing out and deep conditioning using Keracare Humecto and then applied grapeseed oil on top of this before putting on a conditioning cap and sitting under my hooded dryer for 45mins.  My hair was tangled so I tried to lightly detangle under running water.

10.  During this relaxer I decided to do a clear rinse after being insipired by EbonyCPrincess and JeniJen.  I also had to do something about my 'wisdom hair's that are screaming "Look at me....LOOK AT ME!!!!" to all and sundry.  I seriously don't know who thought it would be funny to stick 5 grey hair right in the middle of my head!!!!  It is super annoying, not to mention ageing.  Even when I henna these end up being orange, which I don't mind but at the moment, I do not have time (nor the inclanation) to do a henna gloss treatment so I opted for a colour rinse for the greys and a clear rinse for the rest of my hair. This is the first time I have ever done either, not to mention it being on the same day as a relaxer but I figured if my hair fell off I would just wear a wig and go natural.  I don't even think I would shed a tear - unless it burned the crap outta my scalp!!!  Anyway, I applied the colour rinse Adore Darkest Brown using the tip of my finger (whilst wearing gloves) to the obivious greys and then applied the clear rinse to the rest of my hair.  I then guessed where there were a few other greys and dabbed them with the colour rinse.  I then covered my hair with yet another conditioning cap and sat under my hooded dryer for 30mins.  Rinsed, applied some Aussie Moist to attempt detangling some more.

Rinses applied on the left, rinses rinsed out on the right.  I am super impressed by the coverage of my greys.  This is a keeper.   Quick & simple!

11.  I then put a towel on my head for a few mintues before adding my leave ins Elasta QP H2 and Aphogee Green Tea Retexturizer.  I then applied a little Kinky Curly Knot Today before detangling my hair in small sections (x10) as it dried.

12.  I chose to detangle and partially dry first as I know my hair and wet detangling do not mix.  I wanted to do a roller set as I wanted to trim my ends today so I added some rosewater to a little Elasta QP Design silk in a spray botlte and staturated my sections and then applied the rollers.    I'm not saying how the roller install went, but I reckon you can tell due to the lack of photos!  I sat under the dryer for 35mins and was pretty much dry.  I removed the rollers and then combed through my tresses.  Yo Jeni, you ain't got nuttin on me gurl!!  Hahahahha (",)   You know I'm kidding - right!!!  I look a hot ass mess!  But I got the results I needed.

13.  Next I did a saran wrap on my hair.  After coming out from under the dryer I loosend the wrap with my fingers before combing out to get the final result.

My hair before the saran wrap and after coming out from underneath the dryer after 10mins.  My hair looks like it is glowing after that rinse!  I likey!!!  (",)

14.  After coming out from under the dryer, I combed down my hair and was finally finished for the night!

Overall I am pleased with my results, I don't think the underprocessed bits can be recovered fully but it's okay for now.  I am pleased with the straightness.

On the left the hair lost during the fist detangling, during relaxer and application of conditioners and then the final detangling after deep conditioning, roller setting and styling.  On the right, the total amount of hair lost all together.  I am surprised that it wasn't more since I haven't combed my hair in a week.

The whole process took from 6.30pm to 2am!!!!  Long as neck but well worth it.  

The length and the thickness have shocked me since the issues I have had with shedding.  Apparently my hair is okay.  A bonus is my ends also don't look too bad, although I will reassess this at my next wash day.

Ciao for Now


  1. Very nice results. I do my relaxer in a similar manner to you and yes, it takes several hours to complete the entire process!

  2. Love the detail of this post. The adore brand clear rinse is actually my favorite by FAR, your hair looks great. I cracked up at "Jeni you aint got nuffin" and then your results, but you were able to save it well by wrapping! Your shine is beautiful!

  3. @Carolyn


    Yeah, it definitely is a looooong process!

    Thanks for commenting!


  4. @EbonyCPrincess
    Thanks ECP!

    I've not ventured into doing videos yet but I will do one day.

    Hehehee, Jen's rollersets are beautiful. Mine never ever come out looking like that, although this one wasn't too bad, until I combed it prior to the wrap.

    Thanks for commenting!


  5. LOL! at "Jeni you aint got nuttn!"

    Never absolutely say never! I actually keep a picture of my worst set (a big birds nest of a mess) pinned on my board as a reminder to keep practicing and improve. Take pics even if you don't post, you'll see progress!

    You do not look hot mess! Your set came out full and your hair looks sleek! Love the thickness and shine.

    Between you and ECP's posts on the adore glaze, I think it's the glaze I want to try next, in a about 5 weeks when I end this stretch.


  6. Hehehee, that one did tickle me some.... (",)

    I love your idea of having the picture of your worst set pinned up to show your progress. Now your sets are some of the best I've seen since the start of my HHJ!!

    I am really loving the Adore glaze. I'm actually thinking of just using the Darkest Brown all over next time instead of the clear so I catch all the greys.

    Thanks for commenting!


  7. I am African American and I used to straighten my hair with a relaxer. I used the Shielo Antioxidant Leave In Protector after washing and conditioning and it helps keep the moisture in my hair. After using a blowdryer to straighten, it comes out soft and straight.
    Now I am natural and still use the Shielo Antioxidant Protectant on my curls. They are soft after adding it to my wet hair and it retains the curls and coils I have.

  8. @matty blanca


    I will need to look into this product. Anything that makes my hair (especially my new growth) feel softer has got to be worth a try.

    Thanks for commenting!


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