Thursday, 22 March 2012

I Big Chopped...!

" you think it suits me?"

Just kidding.  I didn't really cut off my hair.  This is what the crochet braids/latch hook braids looked like when I cut them down in order to take down the style last night.  I thought this was great as it gave me an idea of what I will look like if/when I transition to natural. 

These braids are giving me more and more reasons to love them.  Who knew you could do short cropped styles with them....? I didn't!

Ciao 4 Now


  1. My word! This post popped up in my reader so all I had to go by is the photo and title. Talk about shocked... very versatile crochet braids!

  2. It looks very pretty on you!!

  3. @Jenijen

    Heheheee (",)

    That was a bit mean of me to joke. Truth be told when I saw what it looke like I thought that I could actually get away with hair that short. I've had it shorter in the past but it was relaxed or curly permed.

    I must go through some old pics of my hair and post them for you all to have a good laugh!!!

  4. Thanks (",)

    I'm not sure if I would every go this short again but it's good to see that it is an option that won't make me look like a MAN!

  5. You look great in this hairdo hun!!.. Take Care xx

  6. Girl, that looks good on you!! Why did I get all hyped for a minute? But, because I saw the other, newer posts first, knew it was probably a fake out!! LOL!!! Well, even if you don't, just know that you would look HAWT with a short, curly do;)!!



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