Sunday, 22 January 2012

I Finally Got The Scissors Out...!

"I have been itching to deal with my ends ever since my last relaxer in December.  Unfortunately I had to wait until my relaxer touch up so I could see exactly how much hair needed to be cut off.  I did a little dusting just to get rid of the very ends to tide me through the past week."

After rinsing out my deep conditioner yesterday my hair felt heavy, I think this was due to the addition of the silk amino acid which I added to the mix.  It seemed to coat my hair as I applied it and must have bound to my strands during the deep conditioning process.  I love how my hair felt.  It has never felt weighty like that before, especially after a fresh relaxer.

Following my recent length check I decided that I was going to steer clear of my flat iron as I was less than impressed with the results on my hair.  With this in mind I decided to do a roller set and wrap.  I suck at roller setting.  I was really worried that I would lose alot of hair during the detangling process seeing as I never usually detangle on wet hair and I don't detangle my hair when I have conditioner in it.  Anyway, I needed have worried post relaxer as I lost hardly any hair.  I couldn't be bothered to roller set properly using the mowhawk method or the pony tail method so I just roller set my hair in the four sections adding about 5 rollers to each section and using Elasta QP Feels Like Silk Design Silk Thermal Styling Spray (I think I used way too much of this!).  I sat under my Babyliss hooded dryer for about 45-50mins and was completely dry within this time.  When I removed the rollers my hair was crunchy because I used so much of the Elasta Design Silk so next time I will use water to saturate my hair and only add a small spritz of the design silk to each section in order to set and protect my hair.

I combed through my curls and then wrapped my hair before tightly wrapping in cling film, I then went back under the dryer for 15mins.  I loosend the wrap with my fingers and then combed through and added a little Giovanni Direct Leave In and some Organix Serum.  I was in love with the movement in my hair.  I am really pleased with the outcome of my relaxer and the roller set just made me all the more pleased!

Today I carried out the trim.  I always trim in the same way that the hair stylists do, i.e. I section the hair into small parts and then cut off the desired amount of hair and then comb the other way and cut the same section again, which ends up layering the hair.  I cut this way because my hair grows in layers and this way of trimming always gives me the best results.  I don't bother with evening up and trying to make sure that both sides are the same length, I can't be bothered with all that.  I don't care if it's even as my hair grows quickest and thickest on the left side anyway so I just trim what is there and move on.

Below are a few before and after pics:



Bye bye skanky ends!!!

Now those skanky ends are gone I feel like I have made some progress.  I plan to relax again at 10-12 weeks post.  I will be using the half and half method again. I also want to revisit my kinky twists in 4 weeks time.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Your trim came out excellent. I really want to take trimming into my own hands, but I tend to be scissor-happy and unable to cut in a straight line....what a combination!! Your hair came out excellent.

  2. NICEEEE! I am so scared of self trimming! I may start to dust on my own though.

  3. you did a great job with that trim! every time i try to do more than just dusting it comes out uneven lol

  4. @ LaQT/Ty Thanks so much. I'm so glad I could finally get it done.

    Hahaaaa! That certainly sounds like an interesting combination when it comes to self trimming.

    @ ECP Aww, thank you! You should defo give it a try. Your current Roller Setting Challenge inspired me to get my rollers out. I am so glad I did. I am loving the results, and so is my BF. He is a little obsessed with me wearing my hair straight...! I haven't the heart to tell him it will be over in a couple of days! ("~)

    @ Rana Thank you so much! I reckon my hair is probably uneven, but I really don't care. Besides, I'll be wearing it up most of the time anyway.

    I think the only reason my trims come out this way is due to the fact that I have spent nuff hours in the sylist's chair during my previous 5-6 week relax and trim routine. Over the years I've just watched and learned how to do it. I wasn't 'allowed' to read whilst my stylist trimmed just incase my looking down made him give me a bad cut/trim.

    Thanks for reading my blog ladies and also for commenting. (",)


  5. Yeah I figured the Maxfactor formula was a bit runny.. ( I always have a look at the formula in the shop lool ).. and good luck creating your header!! xx

  6. The trim looks great. I cut my thin ends off recently but mine doesn't look at good or as even as yours.
    I added you to my bloglovin so that I can keep up with your posts. Good luck on the Hair Journey.

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