Wednesday, 21 March 2012

MN: 2½ Week Update

“After 2½ weeks of applying the MN, I must say that I really like the results so far!”

(Pictures to follow as Blogger Droid is really not having any of it when it comes to uploading my pictures!) 

The growth has been amazing and it seems to be coming through thicker, especially at the top of my head. This is where my texture is generally thicker and has a really lovely coiled curl pattern. If the hair on my head consisted mainly of this curl pattern I would go natural in a heartbeat as it is far easier to handle than the other areas which are fine, fragile and prone to dryness and breakage. The texture of my hair at my nape is so fine in comparison to the other areas. On the sides and at the nape the new growth still feels finer in texture than other areas but is a little denser and it is growing faster than usual.

My hairline seems to be growing like weeds at the moment. My guess is that if I were someone that had problems with my edges growing back, this just might be able to help to thicken them up, depending on what the underlying problem is with regards to the edges thinning out. Again, by writing this blog post I am not encouraging anyone to use MN for any purpose whatsoever. I am simply documenting my experience with it. If you choose to use it then make sure you do your research and proceed at your own risk. Luckily I don’t have a problem with my edges, although my hair line right in the centre of my head was thinning. I will need to take a good look at it when my hair is out.

Last night I took down the horizontal braid which had been installed with extension hair. There was minimal shedding from this individual braid and I can see that my hair has definitely grown. The new growth is significantly softer than it usually feels at 8wks post. I also had some product build up in the braid. I am not surprised about that as I tend to get build up at the nape and on my edges when I am in long-term protective styles. Also, with the regular moisturising and then sealing with the MN mix it is inevitable that there would be some / a lot of build up. I removed the build up using the oil I had closest to hand [hemp seed oil] and then finger detangled the hair easily, with minimal shedding. I then applied some conditioner to the hair and then sealed that in with some Elasta Mango Butter followed by some hemp seed oil before twisting the section, adding to my pony tail holder of ends and then headed to bed.

Ever since Ms D wrote about patch testing products and not trying out new products whilst her hair is in twists [as she cannot see if there is any accelerated shedding going on] I must admit I have been a bit anxious about shedding. Luckily I didn’t shed much at all in the nape areas so I have good feelings about the take down this evening. Yep, I am taking these braids out today. I really want to give my hair a good wash and deep condition and to be honest, I just want to see how much my hair has grown as it is pretty difficult to ascertain how much new growth I have gained.

I will be back into a protective style probably next weekend so if I take them out now it will give my hair a 1½ week break in between installs.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Good results. Can't wait for pics.

  2. @Guyanesesista

    Thanks! (",)

    I really have no idea why the photos were not uploading...?



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