Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My HAIR Today: Crochet Braid Style #1

"Just a quick post to show the style I am wearing today.  These crochet  latch hook braids are very versatile."

I cut the crochet braids yesterday, thinned the sides out a little by removing about 6 braids on each side so it's not so big.  I also removed alot of the strands of colour 33 so the highlights are a little more subtle!

I really love this style.  I moisturised and sealed effortlessly last night and added two more braids right in the front so I think it looks great when pulled back.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. I Love this look on you!! Very Pretty. How long does this last?

  2. @SpecialK
    Hi (",)

    Thank you so much, and thanks for following!!!

    Apparently it can last for up to two months - pretty much as long as the hair doesn't start matting up. I might get bored after 4 weeks though.


  3. I like the cut. Very cute. I had no idea these could be pulled back. Look forward to your many styles with these braids.

  4. @LaQT/ Ty
    Hiya (",)

    I didn't realise you could wear them pulled back either. I suppose it depends on the spacing of the cornrows and how far forward you crochet in the hair. I am just about to add a quick post of my quick work day updo that I've been wearing recently.


  5. @JenijenThanks Jeni (",) I'm taking them out soon.


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