Friday, 17 February 2012

Caring For My HAIR Whilst In Crochet Braids ~ Week 1 (with pics)

"Well, when I first put these crochet braids in I didn’t think I would be writing this kinda post as I was all for taking them out straight away!   I actually really like them (at the moment) and have been maintaining them to keep my hair feeling and the weave hair looking it’s best."

When I got home on Wednesday my hair felt like rats! My own hair felt in need of some moisture, no surprises there really as I hadn’t thoroughly moisturised the cornrows since I put them in on Sunday. I have been moisturising the leave out hair every day though, as I don’t want it to get dry and break off, mainly down to the extension hair leeching moisture out of my relaxed strands.

Time to take some action….!

1. Firstly, I separated the three sections of leave out hair and clipped them up.

2. Next I separated the extension hair into two sections and clipped out of the way.

3. Then, starting on the left hand side I moisturised each section with Giovanni Direct Leave In, sealed with grapeseed oil and topped that off with some Giovanni Frizz Be Gone serum. Once finished with each section I lightly two strand twisted it to keep it moist and out of the way.

4. I then took the left hand section of the extension hair and detangled using my HSagemann wide tooth comb. I then applied a small amount of Crème Of Nature Argan Oill Gloss & Shine serum, brushed it through and then two strand twisted the section before repeating the process on the right hand side. Adding serum to this extension hair works wonders in helping with manageability and adding shine.

5. Next I undid the twists on my leave out hair then finger combed all of the hair back into a pony tail, two strand twisted the end, secured with a pony tail holder and then twisted into a bun before covering with a scarf and heading to bed.

I have been wearing my hair in the same bun (without letting it down) for two days now. Infact, I did nothing to it at all this morning, I just took my scarf off and as some of you lovely ladies from the US say, I just "kept it moving"!

Right Side

Left side


View of the top
View of the Top (knots in my perimeter braid exposed)

Either tonight or tomorrow I will attempt to add some curls/waves to the hair using flexi rods and hot water. If I don’t give myself third degree burns in the process I will document it with photos and post them and the results onto the blog.
Ciao 4 Now

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