Monday, 20 February 2012

Crochet Braids: Mini Update

I'm still enjoying my crochet braids but really can't be bothered worrying about my leave out.

On Saturday night during moisturising and sealing, I sectioned off my leave out I put in two flat twists.  I thought they looked okay and best of all my hair was better protected and not having the moisture sapped from it by laying on the extension hair whilst I slept.  I wore my hair like this all day Sunday then plaited extension hair into cornrows at the front last night.

I plan to wear my hair like this until Friday evening. I might crochet in some hair to cover the braids, I haven't decided yet.

This set will be coming out this coming weekend, I'll wash, dc and put in a new set using curly water wave hair, with no leave out and cornrows going straight back.


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