Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Crochet Braids: Just some random pics!

"Just a couple of pics that I took of my hair when I got home today."

I moisturised the synthetic hair with some SCurl, Bee Mine Bee Hold and used a little Creme of Nature Argan Oil Polish and Shine which worked a treat at defining the curls, softening the hair and eliminating some of the frizz.  It also tamed the hair really nicely without weighing it down or making it sticky/greasy.

These are the tools I used to install the braids ~ scissors, braid hair x 2 packs, latch hook tool

This picture is where the ends of my cornrows are held in a pony tail holder.
It is placed just above the braid at my nape.  You can't see this when the hair is down or when it is in a pony tail.  Any suggestions how to secure the braids in another way without using a ponytail holder or weave thread will be very much welcomed...!

Top view of my centre parting with the closure stopping the part from going all the way down the back of my head.  I now have about 3 or 4 closures so I have more parting options.

Front view of the knots.  I love the way they blend into my hairline and you can see clearly from this picture that there is no tension from the braids, although they are tight enough (for now)!

Front view:   on the 1st day (blue shirt) 3rd day (black dress).  Some of the bulk has been removed and it now has some shape to it.  If it looks too flat when it starts to drop a bit I will just crohet in some more hair.

It's still big hair...
It's still in yer face....
... but a little tamed 'for every day use'....
....very different to my normal 'look'
....but less like I'm chaneling Diana Ross as my mum puts it! I still can't get my winter hats to fit on my head properly now though!    I don't think mummy dearest is feeling this style too much, although she did say today that she liked it better in person.  I think I will introduce her to the concept of Crochet Braids Over Loc's....!  Toysvoice has a video on how to do that.

This is how I wrap it up at bedtime.  I only need to cover my egdes.  I sleep on a satin pilowcase.  In the morning I take off the scarf, remove the ponytail holder which is keeping all the ends together, shake my head from side to side then back to front then I'm out the door, unless I wanna try out a new style that day.

Nite Nite


  1. Thanks hun, your looking great! I know I've bought even more MUA polishes now, and I agree it's soo useful that it has a sharpener on the lid!!.. x

  2. Wow, that's really pretty! I love how curly it is, it's so cute. :) I loooove the picture of you in the blue blouse.

    But what exactly is a crochet braid? :P

    Have a blessed day, and keep up the good work :)

  3. @Yolandaas
    Thanks girlie!

    So funny, the other two polishes you brought (blue and rust red)are the exact same colours I also brought recently. (",)

    Interested to find out what you think of the coverage of the blue one....


  4. @Raven J


    Thanks for following and for commenting!

    Heheee, I knew someone would prefer the hair prior to the cut. It's so much easier to handle now, even though I didn't take off/out much hair.

    On my post it has a great tutorial which shows exactly what crochet braids are and how to install them.

    They are so light, easy to wear and super quick to install. I am loving them right now.



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