Sunday, 8 January 2012

I Got Me Some Henna……Lots Of Henna!!!

“I struck it lucky on Friday evening. I decided to try the other Tesco Superstore in my town and low and behold they had some boxes of Ayuuri Mehandi – So being the PJ that I am I brought them ALL!!!”

I was so pleased that they had some as it saved me having to place an order with PAK’s Cosmetics (which MoHair kindly emailed me to advise that they stock this brand also).  Generally, I don’t mind paying delivery fees if I have to but I prefer not to when I can avoid it. I went to a few Indian stores in my town and they either didn’t have any (strange for an Indian shop  - right?!) or it was way overpriced and a brand that I have never used nor heard of. I really like the Ayuuri brand as it is easier to rinse out than the previous brands I have used and is cheap (when brought from Tesco, £1.32 compared to £1.99 at PAKS).

As you can see from the picture above I also picked up a couple of boxes of Shikakai, a couple of boxes of Aritha and a box of Amla. In hindsight I should have brought 2 boxes of Amla, I will go back and get one another time. I now have enough Ayuvedic powders to last me for most of 2012.

So, when I got home on 06.01.12, I quickly made my henna mix:

1 x box of henna
Hot water
1 x spoon of EVCO
1 x spoon of EVOO
Treseme Moisture Rich Conditioner

I then left this to sit whilst I undid my cornrows, sectioned into 4, detangled with AVJ and then applied the henna mix to my hair in the 4 sections. Henna’ing at 4 weeks post is so much easier than doing it at 4 months post as I can work in larger sections therefore making the application and rinsing process shorter.

I put one cotton ball in each ear and one behind each of my ears, near my ear lobes to stop any drips and then covered my head with cling film (saran wrap), a headscarf and of course my trusty woollen hat and then jumped into bed.

In morning I rinsed the henna out and then cowashed each section using more Treseme Moisture Rich Conditioner. To combat any potential shedding I followed up with another cowash with Nutrine conditioner before placing a towel on my head.

Next I made up a banana conditioner mix using:

1 x sachet of Ella’s Kitchen banana baby food
2 x spoons of honey
1 x spoon of EVOO
1 x spoon of grapeseed oil

There was not much mix so I applied this carefully in sections concentrating on my roots, then ends, then the length of my hair. I then sat under the steamer for 30mins then had a 1hr snooze before rinsing this out of my hair, which looked and felt amazing, strong and so soooo shiny! I will definitely do this again.

Back of My HAIR with banana conditioner mix applied
Top View - this stuff gives amazing shine!!!

I felt that I needed some more moisture at this stage, desite the amazing shine the banana mix gives I needed to counteract the drying effects of the henna so I did a 1hr deep condition with some left over Keracare conditioner mix (left over from my relaxer day) which I also added a little honey to. I didn’t use much of it, but it worked wonders.

I lost minimal hair due to shedding/breakage so that is always a plus point for me during wash days.

Total hair lost during 06.01.12 wash day

I then applied my leave ins AVJ, Aphogee Keratin Green Tea, Elasta QP H2, Giovanni Direct Leave In and Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Serum and then air dried.  Once 50% dry I applied some JBCO to my scalp.

My ends are driving me nuts so I decided to give myself a little dusting by taking off just the very ends of my hair. I wasn’t going to do dusting or trimming until my next relaxer but the ends are annoying me so they had to go NOW. I will take off more when I next flat iron my hair.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. I've been meaning to do a cassia treatment for weeks... I need to get a move on and locate a vendor in the area that sells cassia. I'm not a fan of paying shipping fees that are nearly equal to the cost of the product!

  2. Yeah, shipping fees suck!!!

    Your hair is such a beautiful colour. It's great that cassia gives you all the benefits of henna without altering your natural colour.



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