Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wash Day Diary 15.01.12

"At 8pm this evening it dawned on me that I needed to fit in a quick DC and wash today so at the last minute I had to hop to it in the hopes of getting it finshed by midnight as I have an early start tomorrow."

1.  Detangled in 4 sections using coconut oil and a tiny bit of AJV.

2.  Applied ORSRC to deep conditioner / pre poo and covered with a plastic bag for 30mins.

3.  Rinsed the deep conditioner out using my shower filter head.

4.  Did a clarifying shampoo wash using Bee Mine Purity Rhassoul Clay Clarifying Bar which is full of great ingredients and smells devine!  The first time I used this I had trouble working up a lather but this time using the shower filter it was much easier/quicker to work up a considerable lather.  I hope this means that the filter is doing it's job.

5.  Rinsed and then applied Lustrasilk Shea Butter and Mango Cholesterol conditioner mixed with a  little Roux Porosity Control.  I left this on for 5 mins.

6.  I then rinsed out the conditioner and then did a final cool rinse before putting a T-Shirt on my head to soak up the excess moisture for 10mins.

7.  Next I applied my leave ins of Bee Mine Deja's Milk, Grapeseed oil, Organix Coconut Serum (which Jeni has mentioned many many times on her blog).  I realised that I had completely forgotten to apply a liquid leave in so I spritzed a bit of Elasta H2 on top.  I then put my hair into4 x 2 strand twists and then began to air dry.

8.  I realised that air drying was not going to work as quickly as I needed it to tonight so I spritz on some Treseme Heat Defence and lightly blowdried my hair on medium (is that considered the cool setting - I have no idea?) slightly using the tension method until 70% dry.  I then detangled, applied some coconut oil to the section and then some more Organix serum (love this stuff already!!!).  I then blow dried some more until about 95% dry and then twisted before putting my hair into two French braids for the night.

I was all finshed by 10.30pm.  My hair feels really soft and was pretty easy to detangle, except for the underprocessed parts.  I lost some hair but nothing to write home about so I am happy.

I have decided that I will be doing my corrective relaxer next Friday, all being well.

Ciao 4 Now


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