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Relaxer #4 (My Corrective Relaxer)

"Finally, 6 weeks are up and after weeks and weeks of research and babying my hair, I set about the task of removing some of the additional texture from my strands."

Over the weeks I have been assessing the areas that were under procesed to try and find the best way of relaxing the parts that need redoing and avoiding that parts that don't.  As the weeks went by I quickly realised that it wasn't just a few sections that needed attention, it was pretty much my entire head.  Taking this into account I decided that the best way to address it would be to relax my new growth using the half and half method and then to tackle the mid section of my hair where I hadn't pulled the relaxer down far enough last time and then work my way back up from that part to the new growth and smooth through the entire section, leaving the ends untouched.

After researching many methods for the half and half relaxer process I found that Jeni's ( application and smoothing method looked like the quickest, easiest and best suited to my current hair situation so I decided to follow this for my relaxer.  The whole process took pretty much all day as relaxing in two halves just makes the whole thing so much longer, but I really liked this method as it gave me more control during the relaxing process and having the pre-parted sections was flipping fantastic!  Thanks for posting such a great tutorial Jeni.

I started at 11.48am and it is now 5.30pm and I am still sat here with my deep conditioner on under my heat cap!
Texture shot after removing 2 x French braids

This is the process I followed:

1. Sectioned hair into 4 then detangled using a little AVJ.

2. Applied Affirm Preservo and, Roux Porosity Control to my hair.  I then mixed some Silk Amino Acid (powder) into some Profectiv Mega Growth Oil and then applied this to my hair to prevent over processing.  I was obessed about over processing so I also added some Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil to the length of my previously relaxed hair, stopping where the under processed part began.
My HAIR with Roux, Preservo, Mega Growth Oil and Hollywood Castor Oil applied

3.  I then went through the four sections making 1 inch parts in my hair, and twisting the 1 inch parts and secured with a 2 pronged roller clip.  Once the sections were divided I based my scalp and hairline using my Motions Pre Chemical Scalp Protector, I used lots!  I then covered the back section with a plastic shower cap secured with a lined of 2 prong roller clips to prevent slippage.

4.  Next I decanted some relaxer into a pot and added two tablespoons of EVOO to it then mixed thoroughly.

5.  Next, I appplied the relaxer starting on the front section, on the side which was most under processed.  I applied the relaxer to my new growth, then applied the relaxer to the severely under processed section using a squeezing motion then after each section had been done I applied more relaxer and worked my way down from the new growth right down to the end of the previously underprocessed part of all of my strands and also applied relaxer to my edges and smoothed.  I went through my hair twice and smoothed loads.

6.  The relaxer was in the front section for a total of 15mins before I rinsed it out, being extra careful not to get water or relaxer onto the back of my hair.  I then changed the shower cap at the back of my head at this stage, just in case there was any wayward relaxer on it and touching my hair.

7.  After rinsing I towel blotted the front section before applying Affirm Sustenance which I smoothed in for 5 minutes before rinsing out.

8.  I then neturalised the front section using Affirm Normalizing Shampoo, of which I did two lathers.  I then towel blotted before applying ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo which I did not rinse out.  I secured my hair at the front and covered the front section with a plastic cap using the 2 prong metal clips to secure the cap in place.    I then checked that the hair in the back section was not wet.  I had based so much that I wasn't sure so I just blow-dried along the line where the cap had been seperating the back and front of my hair - just to be sure and then set about repeating steps 5-7 on the back of my hair.  I smoothed alot and applied the relaxer to my nape area last.  The relaxer was on my hair for a total of 13 mins at the back.

9.  I then did one final shampoo using Affirm Normalinzing Shampoo and then followed this up with a final shampoo using ORS Creamy Aloe which I left in for 2 mins before rinsing.

10.  Next I applied some Alter Ego Impac Ego Garlic Conditioner to deal with any post relaxer shedding.  I left this on under a shower cap and under heat for 15mins before rinsing and then mixing my my deep conditioner.

11.  My deep conditioner mix consisted of ORS Replenishing Conditioner, Roux Porositiy Control, Grapeseed Oil, Honey and a little Silk Amino Acid (powder).  I applied this to my hair which I setioned into 4 then covered with a shower cap and sat under my heat cap for 1½ hours.

I am still sat under my heat cap and about to rinse out the conditioner.  So far I can see that I am still under processed but it is much better than it was.  It really was a balancing act of getting the result right, I don't want to be bone straight but I equally don't want to have a 50% texlaxed texture, I would like to be somewhere around 75-80%.

I'll post some pics of the outcome tomorrow.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Love your steps. Products aside, it's how I self-relax.
    I really need to get my hands on silk amino acid (liquid) before my next relaxer. I've been using CHI Silk Infusion instead, but I'm determined to use SAA next time around.

    How do you like the Motions Pre Chemical Scalp Protector? I currently use vaseline but have been searching for a protector geared towards chemical processes.

    You're very dedicated to healthy hair practices, I love it!

  2. Thanks Jeni

    I really like the Motions Pre Chemical Scalp Protector. I used to use Vaseline when I self relax back in the day but never liked applying it. The Motions stuff is easier as I just part my hair, squirt it along the line and then let it sink in. I always add too much as I am super paranoid about burning my scalp.

    I brought my SAA early last year but never really used it apart from putting some into a leave in. This was because I didn't know what to do with it as it's water soluble powder and not the liquid. I wanted liquid but couldn't find it online in the UK.

    I could really feel the SAA binding to my hair when I put it into the oil to protect my it during the relaxer process but where I felt the most benefit was during my dc my hair felt 'really heavy' and much stronger when I removed my shower cap!

  3. Hey!.. Wow thanks :) Im never happy with my headers thats why I change so often.. Im quite able to make them- but I dont really have any imagination lol..

    I make them using photoshop.. I could make you one if you know how u want it? x

  4. Love the hard work you put into the steps. It's really helpful for newbies like me.I've been using CHI Silk Infusion too, but would like to try SAA next time. Girls have any of you tried using natural hair relaxers?

  5. @Adeola
    Hi (",)

    Sorry it's taken so long to respond.

    So far I haven't tried any natural relaxers. I might have to give them a try sometime though.

    Thanks for commenting!!!



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