Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wash Day 10

My HAIR Today:
Is d-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-yyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I blow dried and flat ironed after my last wash day. It turned out nice but I think I used quite alot of heat to tame both my newgrowth and texlaxed hair. This resulted in hair that has been crying out for moisture from Saturday through to the following Tuesday which was has resulted in a premature wash day.  My Hair was just drinking up copious amounts of Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk and Neutrogena Leave in cream over the past 4 days.

Pre Poo Routine:
I detangled this week as I always do, by sectioning my hair, this time into 8 sections and used Mane 'n Tail Detangler to assist in the process and soften my newgrowth and texlaxed hair.  After detangling each section, I put each one into two strand twists, until I was left with 8 of them on my head.  Ummmmm attractive!!!!

I decided to to pre poo this week, instead I tried something new deep conditioning overnight.  I mixed some ORS Replenishing Conditioner (the professional formula) together with a tablespoon of Bee Mine BeeUTiful moisturising conditioner.  I then added1 x tablespoon of castor oil and 1 x tablespoon of coconut oil, mixed together throughly and let it sit.  ORS is a fantastic moisturing conditioner and is also a light protein so works on two levels. The best kind of product to have.  I decided to add a little more strength to the mixture so I put a level tablespoon of shikakai powder into a small bowl and stired in some warm water to make a smoot paste, the consistency of melted chocolate.  I left this to sit for 20mins and then added to the deep condioner and oil mixture.

I then undid each two strand twist individually and applied the deep conditioning treatment to each section, paying particular attention to my ends.  I then redid the two strand twist.  Once completed, I put a shower cap on my head and covered securely, but not too tightly with two head scarves.  I have always been hesistant to condition overnight as I always seem to get the sniffles the next day if I go to be with wet hair.

Wash Routine:
I cowashed out the deep conditioning treatment the next morning.  I used by go to conditioner, Treseme Moisture Rich.  I love this conditioner so much, it never disappoints!  I decided to mix in a tiny little bit of Roux Porosity Control shampoo just to cut through the castor oil a little so that my hair was not an oil slick after cowashing out the deep conditioner.  I had a little incident once after being a little too generous with the castor oil in a DC treatment.  I then cowashed again this time adding a little Roux Porosity Control as it felt like I hadn't used this in a while, I like to use it at least once every two weeks.

Final Steps:
I added my KimmyTube leave in followed by some Bee Mine Luscious.  I didn't have time for applying all my leave in's as I needed to get to work.  I scraped my hair back in a mid pony tail and added a phony pony and was out the door.

Deep Condition = Overnight (application 30mins)
CoWash = 10mins
Products and detangling and styling = 10mins

Man oh MAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!  Did my hair feel amazing during and after this process.  I absolutely ♥ it (",)  The conditioner and oils just seemed to melt into my hair and left it incredibly moisturised.  And my new growth, well that felt amazing too!!!

I will be making sure I do this at least once every two weeks.  Why have I not tried dc'ing overnight before??!??!?!!?  I will certainly be doing this again next week!!!

Ciao 4 Now

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