Sunday, 27 March 2011


I have recently purchased some more items for my drawer which contains all of my Ayurvedic products.

I started off with Amla oil and this was followed by Vatika coconut enriched oil. Both of these oils have mineral oil in them.  I really wanted to try an oil without mineral oil so continued to search for Vatika coconut oil and some Indian powders.  The Vatika was easy enough to find but the search for the powders took some time.  After going to many local Indian stores, I finally found the powders by chance in my local Tesco for £1.29 per box.  I brought some Henna and some Amla.

I then purchased some Shikakai and Mahabrinraj oils.

I have recently added to these with Aritha, Multani clay, Shikakai and Neem powders. The latest addition to my collection on powders in Methi (fenugreek) powder.  I am very excited to try this powder as it has wonderful conditioning properties and is heralded to supply plenty of slip.  I will be adding this to my next Henna gloss treatment.

I will review each of these powders seperately.  So far I have provided a review on Henna and have recently used Shikakai powder in an overnight contitioning treatment which was a success.

I just need to find some Brahmi and rose powders, oh and some hibiscus too!!!! 

So far I really love using the Indian products, although some of them don't smell too great.....

Ciao 4 Now

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