Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wash Days: Going Forward

I've decided that I will only chart my hair wash days going forward if I try something new in my regimen, or if I have something to report that is out of the ordinary.

My HAIR this week has been pretty much okay.  The overnight pre poo conditioning treatment seems to have done it the world of good, so much so, I am contemplating whether it will be possible to stretch my relaxer longer than planned.  My new growth has been much softer this week, although today my hair was a little dry but I think this is because I should have had my wash day yesterday so I was a day behind.  My does not let me forget when it needs washing - it loves the moisture.

As I type this I am sitting with my pre poo deep conditioning treatment on my hair.  Once again I used the combination of ORS Replenishing Conditioner (professional formula) mixed with shikakai powder.  I decided to add hemp oil to the mix this time along with the castor oil and coconut oil and some rosemaryy essential oil.  Once again I ended up not mixing enough conditioner because I am heavy handed and wanted to make sure that every strand was covered so I had to make up another small batch.  My hair felt great as I was applying the conditioner so I hope it feels just as good, if not better, tomorrow morning when I cowash it out.

I'm off to bed now to let this wonderful concoction work it's magic overnight - but not before I quickly mix up a batch of the brilliant KimmyTube leave in using Kinky Curly Knot Today which arrived in the post last week from British Curlies.

Nite Nite

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