Saturday, 19 March 2011

Wash Day 9: It's an EGG

Well, it is almost Easter!!!!

My Hair has been feeling like it is in need of a protein treatment.  Whilst I am still undecided on when I am going to get around to doing my next relaxer, I am holding off doing the Aphogee Two Step Treatment as I really want to try out doing this exactly one week prior to relaxing/texlaxing as I have not managed this so far since I starte my healthy hair journey in July 2010.  So, I decided to opt for the humble, but fabulous egg in my conditioning treatment this week.

My Hair Today:
Is pretty straight.  I have been rocking a Caruso roller set this week and wearing my hair in a bun or wearing my quick weave, which is the fourth one I have made so far.  I may venture into lace fronts in the future as I think they will be more comfortable.

Pre-Poo Treatment:
I decided to condition with an egg today so I didn't pre poo persae.  I added 1 x egg to some ORS Hair Mayonaise.  I then added to my hair which had been detangled in sections using Mane 'n Tail detangler.  I left this in for 30mins and then rinsed out with luke warm water. 

Wash Routine:
I followed this up with a quick co wash with Treseme Moisture Rich conditioner and then followed up with a moisturing deep conditioner Aubrey Organics White Camelia mixed with 2 x tsps of Hemp Seed Oil and 2 x tsps of coconut oil, covered with a shower cap and left on for 1hr without heat.   I then rinsed out and applied my leave in conditioners.

Final Steps:
I added my usual leave ins and some CHI Iron Guard heat protectant as I blowdried and flat ironed this week. 

Pre-poo = 30mins (egg protein treatment)
Cowash = 10mins
Deep Condition = 1hr without heat
Products & Detangling = 10mins

I am really impressed with the egg.  The last time I tried this was about 10yrs ago and haven't bothered since.  I made the mistake of a) leaving it on too long, and b) washing out with hot water which cooked the egg into my hair!  Eeeeewwwwww.  I remember I was picking scrambled egg out of my hair for the next day and had to wash my hair again.  So I wasn't about to try that again in a hurry.  I'm so glad, 10yrs later I mustered the courage to do so.

Ciao 4 Now

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