Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I Can't Believe My Mum Just Said That....!

Whilst visiting my mum yesterday and updating her on my hair (as I do probably waaaaaay too often) she came out with a comment that shocked me.

I was showing her that I hope to be at full thick APL by December 2011 and then full thick BSL by December 2012, which is my ultimate goal length.  Following this little revelation the exact words from her mouth were ....

"Well...good luck with that.  It would be nice, but black people can't grow their hair long like that!"

I was shocked.  I'm sure I have shown her the YouTube posts at the beginning of my HHJ which have inspired me over the past 5 months and there she was being a disbeliever!!!

Shocked and stunned, I frog-marched her upstairs and pointed her to YouTube and a post by Nunaavane is a slide show of her 2 year hair journey.  I must say, Nunaavane has really inspired me as her starting hair length and texture are very much like mine.  So in the beginning, I thought if she can do it.......well so can I!  When I showed my mum her video she seemed impressed, by her hair growth.  I then showed her Miss Kibibi's YouTube posts, mainly to show the length and thickness of her hair.  My mum couldn't believe how healthy, long and thick her hair was.  She even questioned if she had "a hair piece stuck up in there".  Honestly!  Miss Kibibi's hair is totally gorgeous and 100% growing from her scalp!  She has amazing thickness and length and is another fantastic inspiration!

I am now more motivated than ever to grow thick healthy hair.  Now I have another reason to achieve my goals.......namely to prove my mother wrong!  I too will grow healthy longer hair, whilst living in the UK.

I love you mum, you disbeliever you!   Now start using that Jamaican Black Castor Oil that I gave you weeks ago and keep it up, then you too can grow thicker, longer hair!!! x

Ciao 4 Now!!!


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