Friday, 21 January 2011

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream

It Claims / The Hype:
For all day conditioning, softness and manageability.  This silky leave-in cream melts effortlessly into strands moisturising while diminishing flyaways and frizz with lasting humidity protection.  Hair stays naturally soft and touchable all day - no flaking, heaviness or stickiness.  

Results on My HAIR
Amaaaaaaaaaazing product!!  Does exactly what it claims to do.  I love using this leave in as a moisturiser.  When I blow dry I use this twice a day to moisturise and then seal with a light oil such as grapeseed oil or argan oil.  I also use this as a leave in after washing my hair, but it is better when used as a moisturiser.  This stuff smells devine and leaves a lovely clean fragrance to your hair for a short while after using it.  It's incredibly light, although can make the hair feel a bit damp if too much is used but it soaks into the hair quickly if you are a little heavy handed.

Truly wonderful stuff.  This is one of my favourite products by far!!!

Will I Buy It Again?:
Most definitely although it's not easy or cheap to get hold of in the UK.  Unfortunately no BSS's seem to stock this product here in the UK which is a real shame because it's great.

My Rating:

Ciao 4 Now!!!



  1. Mind me asking, where did you get the Neutrogena product? I am a UK person, and I am desperately trying to find this product, but like you said, it's virtually impossible to get! :/

  2. Hi

    I brought this from Amazon from a seller called ABC Wholesale. It cost £6.99 and shipping was £5.25. It took about a week to arrive.

    Luckily my friend from America was also coming back to the UK so I got her to buy me a bottle too which I ended up paying £5 for. I will be stocking up on this and the deep conditioner when I go to USA for a visit.

    Hope that helps (",)



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