Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wash Day 1

I've decided that I will report on my wash day routine, each time I cowash or wash my hair.  As today is my first wash day since starting this blog, I have called today Wash Day 1.

My Hair Today:  
I wore my hair parted from ear to ear and loosely flat twisted the back section and finished with a bantu knot at the side.  I then loosely flat twisted the top section from ear to ear and finishing on the same side of the bantu knot from the back section of hair I then twisted and wrapped the end of the flat twist around the first making a larger knot and then secured with a couple of bobby pins.  This style took me approx 2mins to complete.  This week I have not combed my hair since last Saturday night. 

Pre-Poo Routine: 
I then parted my hair down the middle (Oh dear, I just can't help myself!  I think I have middle part'itius) and detangled in five sections per side. Detangling this way was a breeze and I lost hardly any strands.  I then applied warmed coconut oil to each section, paying particular attention to my ends and then twisted each section.  Once each side was completed, I pinned the sections up so they were not dripping oil onto my skin and clothes.

Wash Routine:
Next to prevent uncessary breakage and tangles, I cowashed my hair in two sections - once I get to 6wks post I wash my hair in 4 sections.  I used Treseme Moisture Rich Conditioner and mixed in a small teaspoon of Roux Porosity Control Shampoo.

I rarely ever apply shampoo to my hair, only usually during the relaxer process and when I am applying the Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment.  At all other times I cowash as my hair is prone to dryness and then as a result...breakage, shampoo makes my hair DRY.  Anyway, I digress....  Today, by way of publicly contradicting myself, I added a little shampoo for the sake of time as I didn't want to cowash twice.

After cowashing, I applied a quick protein conditioning treatment IC Fantasia Super Concentrated Reconstructor for 1 minute.  I then rinsed and put a towel on my head to soak up the excess water and wore this for 2mins whilst I prepared my deep conditioner.  This week I decided on the DC being a mixture of Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner mixed with 1 x teaspoon of Roux Porosity Control Conditioner/Corrector, 2 x teaspoons of organic Hemp Oil and 5 x drops of Rosemary essential oils.  I then covered my hair with cling film and then let the DC sit on my hair for 35mins under my heated conditioning cap (still in the two sections).  I love this part, I could sit under that cap all-day-long, it's so cosy!

Final Steps:
After rinsing out the deep conditioner and finishing with a cold rinse (brrrrrr, hate that part!), I left the towel on my hair for 5mins and then applied my leave in's to my hair in this order  and still in two sections:

  1. Aphogee Green Tea & Keratin
  2. Aphogee Provitamin Leave In Conditioner
  3. Chi Keratin Mist
  4. Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends Cream
  5. CHI Silk Infusion

    I then sealed with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and also applied a little to my scalp.  I then let my hair air dry slightly then sectioned each half of my head into five sections, detangling each section as I went along and doing a 2-strand twist, adding a little extra JBCO to the ends. 

    This whole process through to this stage took me all evening, but is broken down as follows:

    Pre-poo = 90mins (normally only do this for 30-60mins)
    Cowash = 15mins
    Deep Condition = 30mins
    Products & Detangling = 10mins

    I then left my hair to air a little more before sectioning into five parts and putting each section into bantu knots before going to bed and letting my hair dry completely.  Nite Nite x

    Ciao 4 Now!!!


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