Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Oils I Use On My HAIR

Argan Oil
This is a new adition to my collection.  So far I am liking it but haven't been using it long enough to have a clear opinion of it.

Avocado Oil
This oil is amazing.  I'm always surprised at how soft it makes my hair feel.  I use this in the early weeks post relaxer.

Vatika Coconut Oil
I love this oil!!!  Not so hot on the smell of it but it works a treat.  Lovely for pre-poos and also sealing in moisture, especially later into my stretch.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil
I love this oil.  I've only recently found a supplier in the UK.  This stuff is brilliant, makes my hair feel incredibly soft.

Castor Oil
Great when used on the scalp and hair.  Makes your hair feel so soft.  I also like to add this to my conditioners.

Ciao 4 Now!!!


  1. you say you've found a supplier in the uk for jamaican black castor oil? do share! i've been looking all over for it! came across an international website but i thought the price wasnt worth it

  2. @Anonymous

    Hiya (",)

    I buy my JBCO from Shea Butter Cottage (http://www.akuawood.co.uk/home.php?cat=42)

    I did a review on JCBO last year here is the link to the post (http://simplyintomyhair.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/jamican-black-castor-oil.html).

    I have purchased it twice from this supplier and have always been pleased with the product, service and delivery. Postage costs are very reasonable.

    Thanks for commenting!



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