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Wig Review: Introducing 'The Toni' Half Wig

"Recently during an afternoon of YouTube watching I stumbled across a video about the Toni Wig and I was hooked!"

Then followed serveral hours of watching unboxing video after unboxing video and finally I reached the decision to get this unit and boi, am I pleased that I did as not only do I have a fab wig, I also get to do another wig review for you...

This Toni Half Wig from is intended to be worn as a half-wig but you can also use it as a full unit.  I am not sure if I will wear it as a full unit but time will tell....

The unit arrived in a plain white box and contained my unit, and the free gifts Toni includes with every order.  I paid for this unit with my own money and I was concerned about not being able to choose the earrings that I really wanted so I also added an extra pair of earrings to my order to save disappointment.  It turns out that I really liked the free earrings I received so I now have two pairs of earrings that I really like so I am very happy.

Anyway... back to this unit!

The wig is packaged in a plastic bag with the wig style and colour tied to the unit.  I purchased this in a 1b and I was lucky to get the last one in stock at the time.  The colour blends very well with my own hair.

This unit is a half wig and the cap construction is as you would get for any regular unit.  I really like the way that the wefts of hair have been added to the cap as between each track there is a track of short hair with silky textured hair that is there to omit gaps and keeps the unit from being too bulky.

The Toni unit is pretty lightweight and the hair is incredibly soft.  I wore this today which happened to be a hot UK summer day and I am happy to report that I was not hot at all whilst wearing it.  I am used to wearing wigs and I am also generally cold-blooded so me saying that may not be of much use but I think it's worth noting that although this looks like alot of hair, it is a very breathable unit.

The Toni Unit is on my head - yaaaaaaasss!  I tend to wear a skull cap as a wig cap as I find them kinder to my hair.  I wear the skull cap inside out so there are no seams rubbing against my hair, hairline or denting into my skin.

Here is the Toni Unit installed.  At this point I have done nothing to the hair, I have just put it on my head....I haven't even finished doing my make up!  Trust me, I was in a rush to get out the door but I knew I wanted to review this unit so I had to do these pictures whilst getting ready to go out.

As soon as I put the Toni Unit on I fell in love with it....
To install the unit I only left hair out in the front.  I had two twists in my hair and realised that the size of the twists were too big so I only used half of the hair for each twist and tucked the rest back underneath my wig cap.  

This picture shows how the unit looks on my head in the areas where there is no leave out.  Please note I am really pulling the hair at a force much stronger than the average gust of wind!  On the second picture I have lifted a row of tracks so you can see the silky textured hair which is installed between each track to cover gaps,

I used the comb at the front to anchor the unit behind my leave out and I tightened the adjustable straps in the back.  My nape area is too fragile for combs so as I don't need the nape comb I will be removing it later using a seam ripper.

For someone like me who is deep in 'fro love this protective style will save my hair!  I hardly need to leave any leave out at the front and the leave out only needs to be twisted, no heat - #winning!  My blending isn't perfect but in real life to the naked eye it looks fab.

Now cutting a wig when you are in a rush is generally not the best idea one could have - however, with the Toni wig I figured hoped she was going to be very forgiving.

his is all the hair I cut from the unit before darting out the door for a day out in sunny Windsor!  The result after cutting and some fluffing and I seriously think I am  fully in love with this unit!

 I was going to wear the unit as it came straight from the package but I really wasn't feeling the length in the back.  To cut the unit I pretty much followed the same method Toni Daley uses in one of her videos.  I picked individual clumps and snipped the ends off.  I only did this on about 6-8 sections mostly in the back and 2-3 in the sides.

   I love the length and shape post cut and final fluff.

The Toni Wig

This is a great unit and looks really pretty on.  
I can't wait for her to start getting a little rougher with age as I think I will just love her even more.

The Toni wig in an easy updo proving that this wig is versatile.     

As mentioned previously I received this gorgeous pair of afro pic earrings as a free gift with the unit.  At the moment, Toni Daley ships a pair of earrings and a tube wrap with every unit.  I'm not sure how I feel about my tube wrap and seeing as I had brought this beautiful scarf (and 4 others!)  today for just £2 each from Windsor I thought I would try it on as a headwrap with the Toni wig underneath.  Butterflies and animal print are two of my favorite things!

At this point I figured I should stop already with taking all the photos as I guess you have got the point by now - this is a freakin' awesome unit!!!    

I am now eyeing up two other units on the new Janet unit and the Gabrielle unit.  I have actually got a couple of Fingercomber units on order at the moment so I will get my mitts on those beauties before I place another order for additional wigs because I have brought 5 in the past three weeks including the purple Drew unit!!  Click here to check out my previous review of Drew.

If you are on the fence about buying this unit (goodness only knows why you would be - like I said already the wig is awesome), I can vouch for Toni Daley's excellent customer service and speedy shipping.  I received this unit from Canada in just over two weeks from placing my order.

The Toni Wig cost me $59 and I was charged around £15 import tax and handling fee from crappy Royal Mail - they annoy me so much with that damn handling fee it ain't even funny....!  That said, this wig is worth every penny.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Such a beautiful wig, it really suits you x

  2. I actually thought it was your hair because of how natural looking it looks on you.

  3. Can't believe that's a wig it's gorgeous...looks sooo natural. :-)

  4. @Lesley X

    Thank you so much Lesley! I wore her to work in Monday to see if she was to big for the office ....

  5. @Jen of JGA

    Thankn you Jeni Jen!! Your hair looks fantastic!!!

  6. @Tomes Edition
    Thank you!! I love it and I can't wait for the Big Chop wig to arrive.

  7. @KSIsooooFLY

    Thanks!!!! It looks and feels like natural hair. It's pretty big though....

  8. Looks amazing on you! Have been looking for review like this by a uk buyer so thank you for posting!
    Roughly how much did it cost all in all (in GBP) including postage?

    1. Thank you for your kind comments!

      I love the Toni wig. Look out for my new Wash Day Diary post which will be up in the next few days as the unit features in the post. I wear it ALOT and it still looks great at pretty much 4 months later!

      The unit was $59, shipping $18 (£50) and the rip off RM customs and handling fee was £15, so all in it cost £65.

      Worth every penny!

    2. Thank you for your kind comments!

      I love the Toni wig. Look out for my new Wash Day Diary post which will be up in the next few days as the unit features in the post. I wear it ALOT and it still looks great at pretty much 4 months later!

      The unit was $59, shipping $18 (£50) and the rip off RM customs and handling fee was £15, so all in it cost £65.

      Worth every penny!

    3. Argh crappy Royal Mail!!!! Will still get the wig though :)
      Will look out for your next post!
      Thank you xx

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