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Lush Caca Noir Henna Review: 26.05.15

"It's henna time!"

Boi, it's been AGES since I last done one of these awesome treatments and I never realised how much I missed them until I did this earlier this week.  I usually make my own henna gloss but this time I decided to opt for convenience by using the Lush Caca Noir henna which contains indigo for a rich brown result.  The perfect opportunity for a product review!

Lush Caca Noir

The Lush Caca Noir comes in a block which is almost enough product to treat my hair twice.  You can feel the cocoa butter in the block as it feels smooth and slightly slippery as the cocoa butter warms by the heat of your hand.  

As with most other Lush body products I have tried in the past the Caca Noir as a strong fragrance which is from the essential oils which have been incorporated into this henna and indigo bar.  I am way too lazy these days to be doing a henna treatment for hours and then following up with an indigo treatment so I got this product to hopefully save myself some time!

My blown out twist out

As my hair was blow dried from my previous wash day, I was rocking a messy twist out.  I am not really into structured highly defined styles with slicked back edges I much prefer the messy relaxed look which sits well with me as it means I manipulate my hair less than if I were to create elaborate styles.  Shedding still plagues me but to be honest, I haven't really done much to tackle the shedding until recently.  Over the past couple of wash days I have incorporated aloe vera rinses and coffee or green tea rinses during my wash days.

I used half of the bar which was fairly easy to cut straight down the middle.  I used some thick cardboard to rest the bar on so it didn't make a huge mess all over the kitchen.  I then chopped up half the henna bar using a similar action to how you would chop chocolate for cooking.  I then tipped the chopped up henna into into my 'henna bowl' which is an old natural yogurt container and perfect for the job!

I normally add a whole load of different products to my henna gloss mix but for this henna treatment I reined it in and only made one change to the mixture - instead of using hot water to melt the cocoa butter in the Lush Caca Noir, I made a strong mug of green tea and added that.  I prefer to mix my henna with tea as it helps the dye to release from the henna and I also like to think that having the tea on my hair for a few hours helps to combat shedding.

Oh, I did add a little coconut oil to my hair in order to make spreading the henna through my strands.... seems I can't help the mixtress in me coming out to play!

I then set about carefully sectioning my hair and adding the henna to each finger detangled section using a smoothing action.  The mixture was a little dryer than my usual henna gloss so it was a bit messy to apply but nothing too bad.

It took about 25 minutes to completely apply the henna to my hair.  I then left my hair uncovered for thirty minutes before loosely covering with a Superdrug bag and a head scarf to catch any henna particles so they didn't drop over the carpet.  I then left my hair covered for 4 hours.

Rinsing out the Caca Noir was a bit of a chore and took more than half an hour of rinsing and cowashing out with Treseme Naturals conditioner.  Unfortunately, I still have a few stubborn greys at the front of my head - but that said, the treatment was well worth it.  I forgot how much I love henna.  My hair feels amazing and strangely feels kinda heavy.   I am super impressed!

Three days later I am still wearing these rather fetching braids and have been wigging it.  I am still adopting my '10 Sections for Everything!' approach and it is working for me as it makes dealing with my hair much easier.   I have had these sections in my hair for almost 2 years straight!

I plan to set my 'fro free again this weekend and I can't wait, I feel most comfortable these days when wearing my own hair - although rocking a fro is not a protective style which my hair thrives from tthe most so I have to find another go to style before my hair all breaks off!

 I will do another henna treatment next weekend but next time I plan to leave it on overnight to see if I can fix those greys which are currently a little bit ginger but less noticeable which is definitely a good thing....
Ciao 4 Now 


  1. OMGosh! I've been lusting over Lush's henna line for over a year now! It's good to see that not only does it work, but it's much simpler than the DIY Henna treatments that I've seen. Where there any cons to using Lush over your DIY recipe?

    Thanks for sharing chica! I love your twist out honey!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  2. @KLP

    Hi hun

    I'm not sure of any real cons in relation to using Lush henna. My experience so far was good and above all I love the convenience of it. All I did was chop, add hot tea,kept it hot over a ban-marie and when thoroughly mixed I applied to my hair whilst the mixture was still hot. The lack of waiting and are planning really appealed to me and I'll always have some at home to use as and when I fancy. I might even mix one cube to target my greys again this weekend but I'll leave doing my whole head again for a few weeks.

    The mixture is very grainy and took forever to wash out and I still have bits of henna in it but this used to happen with my henna gloss mixes to.

    One con is the price (£9.25) which is more expensive than a box of henna but the convenience makes it worth it. Also, I think the results of the colour on my greys could be better but grey hair is resistant so I expected that and I'll do it overnight instead - perhaps with an additional shot of powdered henna if I feel like it at the time...

    I'm definitely going to use this as my go to convenient henna - especially how my braids look and feel at the moment.


  3. Your natural hair is gorgeous!

  4. @Tomes Edition
    Thank you so much hun!

    I love it and I really love the current length, not too short - not too long.

  5. Your hair looks great! I have been missing your posts! Great review! Now, I think I want to try this!

  6. Your hair looks great and healthy.
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    About my hair journey.

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  8. Thanks for the review, do you still use it? how does it cove your grays?

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