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Wig Review: Introducing The Fingercomber 'Kinky Kurl Out'

Fingercomber Kinky Kurl 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style

"I have lusted after this unit for weeks and now I have my very own Finger Comber Kinky Kurl Out.....and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!"

When I finally had the time to place an order, I discovered that that the unit was no longer available in Chestnut Black 1b (FingerComber' have a unique colour coding system and don't use the normal 1, 1b, 2, 4 etc). Anyway, I decided that it was about time I introduced a little colour into my life so I looked at getting the Chestnut Black with Auburn Highlihts.  After all, I loved my last set of crochet braids and the version with  highlights not only looked beautiful, it also reminded me of those crochet braids but dare I say, nicer!  

I installed the unit on freshly washed hair - I must do a wash day diary post sometime soon, I've not done one for ages!  This week I used the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil line and I am super impressed with how my hair looks and feels after using these products.  My hair was in the perfect state for a spot of blowdrying.

I took the two small front sections of hair, combined them and blow dried with the tension method using my Denman brush to prevent frizzy ends.  I left the other sections twisted from the night before and they will stay this way until my next wash day.

Fingercomber Kinky Kurl 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style

The Fingercomber Kinky Kurl Out unit arrives nicely packaged in a brown box with a ribbon and tag showing the unit that is inside.   The unit is wrapped in black tissue paper and I will keep the unit stored like this when it is not being worn.

The hair of the Kinky Kurl Out Unit is incredibly soft and the more you play with it the bigger it gets. This is a stunning unit!

Fingercomber Kinky Kurl 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style

As I mentioned before in previous wig reviews, I prefer to wear a satin skull cap (worn inside out) as my wig cap.  I find this is much gentler on my strands and there is practically no friction using this cap instead of the tradition nylon wig cap.

The Fingercomber Kinky Kurl Out has two sets of combs, one in the front and a shorter set in the back.  I won't be using those combs in the back - my nape won't thank me for it if I did!  I use the combs at the front to secure the unit directly behind the twist that I am leaving out for blending purposes.  

Fingercomber Kinky Kurl 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style

This unit is easy to apply but personally, I would prefer for the combs to be of the thinner metal type as I find they slide into my hair alot easier than the plastic teeth of the combs on this unit.  That said, I can live with it and it does feel very secure.

You can leave as much or as little leave out as you like.  I will rarely leave out the side and the back/perimeter of my hair will only be out if I wear this hair in an updo.

Fingercomber Kinky Kurl 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style

And here she is.....the Finger Comber Kinky Kurl out in Chestnut Black (1b) with Auburn highlights.

Did I mention that I am in love with this unit.....!!!  This combination is beautiful and I am so pleased I chose her in this colour.  The highlights are perfectly distributed and work so well with my natural hair which is 1b.

However, when I saw that the colour Chestnut Black (1b) had been restocked a few days after I had placed my original order, I couldn't resist getting her in both colours.....!

Fingercomber Kinky Kurl 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style

The Kinky Kurl Out blends so well with my type 4 hair.  On this occasion I had blow dried my section of leave out but it really isn't necessary to do so as it blends just as well with a twist out.

Fingercomber Kinky Kurl 4a, 4c natural hair HHJ Protective style
The picture of the back of the unit has been parted with my fingers so you can see that the tracks are not even visible when wearing a black wig cap.

 This is a truly gorgeous unit and I am happy to have a Spring/Summer and an Autumn/Winter version so my Kinky Kurl Out units can stay looking fabulous for longer!

Stay tuned for my review of the other AMAZING unit that I have purchased from, it is breathtaking!!

My sister asked me this weekend "How many afro units do you have now?". I think she might disapprove so I said 7.....but what I really wanted to say was "Not enough lil sis, not enough"!

Ciao 4 Now


  1. You look amazing in this unit! I really want it in darkest espresso. I hope that they restock that color soon. Can you tell me where you bought your satin cap from?

  2. @NaturalBritt87

    Thank you!!

    Fingercomber do regular restocks and announce them on their Facebook page. So if you follow them you shouldn't miss out.

    My wig cap us just a regular skull cap from the beauty supply store, the kind people used to use to make u-part wigs. Cost about £2 each.


  3. You looks so stunning in your pictures I think i might have to buy it for myself!

  4. I wear a dome cap or satin cap and it works so much better than a nylon.

  5. @Jay (Divachyk) of Relaxed Thairapy

    Thank you!!!

    I think the done cap works perfectly and is much kinder to my stands.

  6. Stunning! You're really looked more beautiful with that new wig. Kinky kurl out style for me seems to be more catchy. Good thing that you were pushed to pushed to buy the chestnut black with auburn highlights since it is really a great buy. Thank you for sharing with us! Have a great hair day!

    Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I'm doing research on this unit. Can you post information on how you maintain this unit over time? It's so beautiful!! I really want to know what does it take to keep the unit looking refreshed when needed, and about what is its life span. Thank so much!


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