Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I Need A New Shower Filter Head

"After my previous shower head was viciously smashed into a million pieces in a fit of jealousy and rage, I now need to buy a replacement!!!"

Okay, okay......, that's not entirely a true reflection of what happened to my shower filter but in my mind that's how it has played out, so I'm going with to stick with that version for now.  Anyway, all jokes aside, no matter 'whatever' happened to my beloved filter - the fact remains that I now need to buy a new one.

The last shower filter handle I purchased was from Aquatiere   I opted for the Spring Shower Handle with Filter as I think it was the only model they had at the time.  Irrespective of the cracked front unit which housed the filter cartridge it lasted me for ages and I got great results for my hair i.e. more moisturised than ever before!!!  I used to use it for everything even when making spritz for my hair or filling up my Caruso Steam Hair Setter.

The cost of the shower handle which comes with a replaceable filter cartridge inside is almost the same cost of the replacement cartridge alone.  Therefore, I don't feel all that bad about having to buy another as I think I needed to replace the cartridge sometime in December 2012.

This time around I am thinking of upgrading to a new model but I am not sure on which option to get:

I think I may get the Slimline Chrome Shower Handle for £29.95 as I like the look of it and my experience with the Spring Shower Handle was that it was a bit top heavy so kept tipping when I was in the shower.  I found that it also needed quite alot of water pressure to get a good stream of water to flow from it.  I could choose to opt for the Refillable Chrome Shower Handle Filter for £26.95 as this looks like it would produce a nice wide spray of water, but again it could end up being top heavy.

I really like these shower filter handles they are good value for money, easily interchangeable with any hose system shower and are ideal for traveling with.  You could also choose to just attach them on Wash Days and then remove them so the filtering properties last a bit longer so you don't need to replace the cartridge so often.

I am totally sold with water filters as I noticed the difference almost immediately when I started using one as I live in an area with very hard water.  I would recommend these to anyone who has hard water and as a result suffers from dry hair or experiences difficulty in getting their hair to retain moisture.

They make a big difference to your hair and your skin too if you use the filter for your daily showers.

Question:  Which one do you think looks like the best option? 

I plan to make my decision and order by Friday so I will update you all on what I have chosen.

Ciao 4 Now



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