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Wash Day Diary @ 15 Weeks Post: 17.11.12

"For this wash day, I made sure I had all the products and tools required to reduce significant tangles and shedding."

1.  Prepoo’d with Wild Growth Oil. [I haven’t used this oil since the very beginning of my HHJ. I gave it a sniff to make sure that it was still okay 2yrs after opening it. It smelt okay – well as okay as this oil can smell as it’s not the most pleasant thing to put on your hair (hence why it is good as a prepoo as you can wash it out sooner rather than later!)]. This oil mix worked so well at softening my new growth, it is going to become my staple prepoo oil until I use up the entire bottle. I took the opportunity to do a nice soothing scalp massage for 10 minutes to really get my strands lubricated and also stimulate some hair growth by the increase in blood rushing to the site stimulated by the massage.

My newgrowth at 15 weeks post relaxer.

2.  Next, I sectioned my hair into 6,, finger detangled each section and then two strand twisted. I then sprayed on some Mane ‘n Tail Detangler, spraying the detangler onto two sections at a time, which allowed it to soak in a bit before I took to it with my combs! I detangled thoroughly using my HS jumbo rake comb and then my ebonite comb. This time I didn’t lose too much hair (for me) but what was interesting was that that I lost less hair in the least dense sections [at the back/nape], a little more towards the crown [thicker section] and a lot more at the front [thickest section].  I supose it makes sense to shed most from the areas with most hair. I have decided to restart taking my iron tablets – just one a day, and two garlic capsules a day – tis the season to start shedding afterall! I will also take my hair skin and nails supplement – although I really don’t like the smell of them.

3.  Next I mixed my protein(ish) conditioner which consisted of ORS Replenishing Conditioner, Alter Ego Hot Oil Treatment with garlic, Roux Porosity Control, Silk Amino Acid Powder and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Starting at the back I unravelled each section, applied the conditioner and then applied a small scrunchie band to the area closest to my scalp and then re-twisted the ends. I added the bands as I had seen that long term transitioner Ms D [6 Foot Long Hair] uses this technique during her wash days. I have less new growth but I figured it couldn’t hurt. Let me tell you, I was taking no risks this wash day!

4.  In the hope of skipping a step I then applied some Adore colour rinse in darkest brown to try and tackle these wisdom hairs. I then covered my hair with conditioning cap before donning my hat and took the dog for a walk whilst my hair deep conditioned – gotta make the inconvenience of walking the dog work for me!

5.  When I got home I rinsed out the deep conditioner out and cowashed with Hair One Olive Oil Cleansing Conditioner still in the same banded and twisted sections. I mixed my second conditioner, this time it was a moisturising one (it is important to follow protein with moisture so I did so, even though ORS RC is protein and moisturising, I wasn’t taking any chances as I planned to blow dry at the end of this wash day. I didn’t have enough Matrix Conditioning Balm as a certain somebody still has my (once upon a time!) full bottle of Matrix Conditioning Balm “hey sis, I hope your hair is liking it, I know it’s loving the porosity control conditioner – just aswell I had another back up bottle of that!”. I mixed the Matrix Conditioning Balm (still in its tube!) with some squirty honey, Giovanni Balanced Conditioner, olive oil and hemp seed oil. I applied this to wet hair. I then sat under my steamer for 30 minutes, making sure both the front and back of my hair got an equal steaming – topping up the water at the 15 minute mark.

I then rinsed out the conditioner and did an ACV rinse. After all that, I put a TShirt on my hair for 10 minutes before moving onto the moisturising and sealing step and then a final detangling. I applied Cantu Shea Butter Conditioning Leave In Treatment, followed by Kereacare Moisturising Lotion then sealed with Olive Oil and Organix Anti Breakage Serum. I then detangled each section again using both seamless combs and then re-twisted.

7.  When my hair was about 90% dry I misted it with Treseme Heat Protectant and dug out the blow dryer, I then blow dried each section using the tension (hand) method. I moisturised with some more Keracare oil moisturiser and sealed with a little more Organix Anti Breakage Serum. My boyfriend loved my hair out and had a little moan about me always having hidden away. He commented that it has grown now so I should wear it out more. I told him that I am aiming for full APL or BSL. He then asked what I will do with it when it is that long and I said “Probably hide it away!” Hahahahaa! Don’t think he was too impressed with that response….! He probably would have been more impressed if I said I would train it to cook dinner, clean the house and walk the dog all whilst doing a little dance especially for him!!!

8.  After I finished blowdrying that was me for the evening! I didn’t feel like putting my hair in braids and thought that sleeping on my blowdried hair would be a good opportunity to see what the results were like and get to see the length of my hair properly the next day when it was time for my crochet braid install, which I will cover in my next post.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Nice! I love your lipstick and how dark your hair is.

  2. @Vienna H.

    Thank you! (",)

    My hair is that colour due to the Adore colour rinse. I need to do it again (properly this time!)but will do it during my next relaxer day.

    The lipstick is Mystic by Sleek it is a matt lipstick and the first item of Sleek makeup I purchased. It's really pigmented and long lasting.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Lovely results at the end. I understand what you mean about not taking any chances by washing in twists. I have started doing this as well but I band the ends of the twists or should I say about mid-way so they do not unravel.

  4. when you blow dried using the tension (hand) method, did you do this on cold heat or cold?

    nice nails

  5. and pls i need clarification of the benefits of washing hair in twisted sections?

    does this only apply to people with with full APL hair and longer?

  6. @Tonkabelle
    Thank you!

    I used to use those little plastic barrettes to keep the ends from unravelling. Since my hair got a little longer I stopped securing the ends but I think I will go back to that practice when I am over 10 weeks post.

    Thanks for commenting!


  7. @ContactLucy Lu

    Hi (",)

    I blowdried on the warm heat setting. Blowdrying with cool air does not work for me or my hair. I rarely ever use heat on my hair so I figure I can get away with the occasional bit of heat from the blowdryer.

    Thanks for commenting!

  8. @ContactLucy Lu


    The benefits of washing in twisted is sections is that it significantly reduces the amount of tangles you get during washing and deep condtioning the hair as the twists prevent the strands of your hair wrapping around each other and becoming entangled, especially if there is still shed hair in your roots which you have not removed properly.

    Washing in twists also reduce the amount of manipulation. It is more difficult to shampoo and deep condition your hair in twists. You can also opt to wash your hair in large braids (pretty much the same as twists but more secure, or you could just wash in sections. Sectioning off your hair and then shampooing/apply deep condition to each section after unravelling.

    It's pretty much trial and error to find what works best for you.

    I hope this helps (",) Thanks for commenting!


  9. @ContactLucy Lu

    PS. I started washing in sections when my hair was alot shorter, it helped to keep things under control during wash days and reduce the length of time it took to detangle.

    You can try it at any length, although I suppose it's very useful for your hair as it grows longer.



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