Thursday, 8 November 2012

Totally Time To Take Out The Twists!

"As planned, I took out some of my twists yesterday.....gotta get the ball rolling early when it comes to the kinky twist-take-down."

I started with just a couple of lines at the back so I could still look decent enough for work today.  The real task of taking these out starts tomorrow evening.....

I snapped a few pictures this morning to show you.

This is my new growth at the 7 week post kinky twist install mark.  This time around the only braids I have reinstalled are the braids at my nape.  The picture on the top right shows the twists which I relieved of their extensions last night (",)  I wore my hair in a low bun to work today so nobody could tell the difference.

I'm looking forward to getting the rest of these out tomorrow, especially seeing as I didn't experience my breakage or shedding yesterday!

Ciao 4 Now



  1. @Jenijen

    Thanks Jeni!

    I do love it when I have this amount of new growth but I think I'll be singing a different tune come wash day (later today or tomorrow) as it inevitably means a long de-tangling session and shed hairs :(

    My sister and I were talking on the phone last night chatting away about the wonderfulness that is your hair. She actually called me which is a surprise because she's not even into hair!! She loved your braid :)


  2. @Blessed Tresses

    Thank you. It kind of creeps up on me. I don't understand how I can get this much growth whilst in braids but during the 4-6 weeks post relaxer before I put in the braids II don't have half this much. My hair obviously grows better when it is tucked away.

    Thanks for commenting!


  3. wow you do have a lot of newgrowth!

  4. @Shereen

    Thanks for commenting!

    I sure do...... I'm about to go detangle it after a 10+hr wash day!!! Wish me luck.


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