Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Should I Lye.....?

During my last relaxer I used up the last of my Affirm Fiber Guard Lye Relaxer. I now have a dilemma on my hands….. 

I first started using Affirm Lye Relaxer in June 2011. Technically this was not the first time lye relaxer had been used on my hair (my hairdresser used to use Affirm Fiber Guard Lye Relaxer but had started off with the no-lye version due to my sensitive scalp). It was however, the first time ‘I’ had relaxed my hair using a lye relaxer. I was a bit scared to do so at the time but the process went well and I haven’t looked back since!!!

At home I have six small tubs of Affirm Fiber Guard No-Lye Relaxer, which is enough to equate to my next three relaxer touch ups [probably enough to see me through the next 9 months or so].  I use two of the small pots each time and mix in a few tablespoons of olive oil to be sure that I have enough to texlax my 12-14+ weeks post of new coily growth.

As I mentioned, I used up all of the lye relaxer so I don’t have any more of this left. I must say, it is my full intention to repurchase another tub of Affirm Fiber Guard Lye Relaxer. I don’t know whether I should make the purchase now and continue with lye relaxer (and just bin the no-lye relaxer which I really don't fancy doing seeing as it cost me about £50+ for nine tubs!), or do I use up the no-lye relaxer for the next three relaxer days (all being well with switching to no-lye which I mix with olive oil and don't overlap onto previously relaxed hair) before switching back to lye relaxer forever.....

If I do opt to use the no-lye relaxer I will, as always, be careful not to overlap my previously relaxed hair.  I do not want to invite a set-back caused by over-processing previously relaxed areas of my hair [especially when it comes to switching relaxer types!] which could result in breakage and thinning.  I don't want to undo the progress I've made this year.

Initially my reasons for switching to lye relaxer were mainly due to the dryness and shedding I was experiencing.  It so transpired that iron deficiency was the main culprit of both of these things and it was not necessarily the type of relaxer I was using, although it could have been a contributory factor. However, at this stage in my hair journey, I have a full arsenal of products that I can use to combat the dryness associated with using no-lye relaxer due to calcium build-up (i.e. a chelating shampoo to remove the calcium deposits, Roux Porosity Control to correct the PH / porosity and Aloe Vera Juice to add moisture along with my many many conditioners).  I also have a shower filter head which softens the water I use on my hair.

Lye relaxer has worked for me over the past year or so.  Should I switch things up just to use up an expensive product and save some cash but possibly risk a set-back, or should I just bin the no-lye and carry on as I have been? I am curious as you never know, going back to no-lye could be better...

Question:    If you were me, would you give the no lye another try….?

I would really love to hear your opinions. 

Ciao 4 Now


  1. I thought no-lye worked well for me....until I tried the lye ORS relaxer. I never looked back! I found that even though I chelated etc once a month my hair was still not holding on to moisture as much as it does now that I use lye.

  2. I'm actually thinking about switching to lye from no lye. I'm thinking that it will be easier to keep my moisture levels up.

  3. I would stick with lye. No lye made my hair very limp when I used it. However, if you want your hair really straight you could try no lye since it gives a straighter style. I love your blog by the way. :)

  4. @ Rana
    @ Amija
    @ Anonymous

    Hi Ladies

    Thanks for taking the time out comment on my hair dilemma! (",)

    I think the resounding opinion seems to be that I should stick to the lye relaxer and not switch relaxer type. I will go ahead and purchase a new tub before my next relaxer day.

    I've thought about it and I don't think I will bin the no-lye relaxer. Maybe I can sell the remaining tubs on eBay or give it to my sister so it gets used up.

    Thanks for your input - I REALLY appreciate it!!!


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