Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wash Day Diary @ 16 Weeks Post: 28.07.12 Cowash

"This wash day initially started out as a thorough detangling but because my hair felt really dry I decided to grab my trusty ORS Replenishing Conditioner and slathered it on with the addition of coconut oil to moisturise my thirsty strands!"

  • Applied coconut oil and thoroughly finger detangled my hair in 8 sections.
  • Applied ORS Replenishing Conditioner and left on for 1hr without heat.
  • Rinsed out.
  • Applied Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner as a leave in, a little At One Leave In Conditioner for slip, and sealed with coconut oil and hemp seed oil before detangling with my HS Jumbo Rake comb and my Denman Ebonite comb.
  • When my hair was 70% dry I smoothed my hair into a high bun using just my hands, applied JBCO and used the scarf method to obtain as smooth as possible finish at 16 weeks post.

I have been using a small amount of Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner as a moisturiser every day and sealing with EVCO.  This combination has been working well for me.  I have also been using moisturising spritz of water, glycerin and AVJ to keep my new growth moisturised.  The spritz has also worked well for me so far.  I will be stocking up on a regular sized bottle of the Organix conditioner and will maybe add some oil to it and just use it as a moisturiser from now on.  I'm thinking this particular conditioner would be brilliant to take on holiday as a great alrounder for my hair.

Sorry, no pics of my wash day as I didn't feel like taking any on the day.

It's now 4 days since my wash day and my edges are frizzing up nicely and it's getting harder and harder to tame that beast that is my glorious new growth - so i just don't bother to try!


My little bun is growing.  Everytime I wear my hair like this my mum asks if the bun is all mine!!  It makes me feel pretty proud if I'm honest!  She even commented yesterday that my hair is looking thicker.

My hair really can't take too much messing with when it is this many weeks post.  Hats off to those ladies (Fiona instantly springs to mind) who can sculpt their hair into fabulous smooth buns which look like they have just had  relaxer (see here and here) but I just know that my hair cannot do that with relaxed ends - if my hair were natural it could stand half a chance but not when stretching a relaxer!!!!  Nope, nopt this head of fine strands!!!!

Anyway, all being well it's relaxer day for me this weekend  as I will be 17 weeks post.  I've had enough of battling with my new growth and don't want my hair to cause breakage from constantly wearing a high bun. 

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Ikr! I'm always envious of girls who can get a smooth bun and or updos at many weeks post ... i can't do that at anyway your hair looks lovely and healthy :)

  2. @Jenijen

    I know! It's just kinda crept up on me!!! (",)

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